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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459630 times)
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« on: February 26, 2014, 02:57:03 am »


Abortion: Pro-choice, but no late-term or partial birth

Narcotics: Legalize/tax marijuana. Decriminalize possession of hard drugs in small quantities. Transfer funding to rehab programs. Alcohol prohibition beyond 18 years old is unconstitutional.

Prostitution: States-rights. Legalized, but heavily-regulated for public safety. Allow localities to ban prostitution commerce.

2nd Amendment: Allow greater ownership freedom and carry freedom for citizens who meet rigorous training regimens. Everyone else gets bolt-action rifles and pump-shotguns.

Crime & Punishment: Abolish capital punishment. Eliminate most mandatory minimum sentences. Reduce enforcement and penalties for victimless crimes. Support most stand-your-ground laws.

Gay Marriage: The most pointless social initiative in my lifetime. Most of the inequality stems from unequal tax laws, healthcare laws, and property laws that affect all single people, regardless of orientation. However, people say legalize, and I have no particular feeling one way or the other. Legalize by default.

Patriot Act: Government surveillance is not particularly alarming as long as citizens have vast oversight mechanisms and smart juries.

Affirmative Action: Okay, as long as its education reform for disadvantaged citizens, not handouts based on skin color.

Education: States-rights. No common core. More choice. More innovation. Eliminate FFELP lending. Pell Grants or refundable tax credits.


Welfare/Unemployment: Repeal and replace with guaranteed minimum income.

Social Security: Raise qualifying age to 70. Phase-out benefits (i.e. tax benefits) for seniors with additional income. Switch to defined-contribution to reduce generational conflict caused by the adversarial defined-benefit system.

Healthcare: Federalize of Medicaid. Massive cost-cutting to Medicare/Medicaid or convert the current public health entitlements to rationed catastrophic single-payer. Eliminate all employer mandates. Repeal or eliminate most ACA provisions.

Taxation: Guaranteed minimum income with a 35% flat tax (20% income tax, 15% FICA). Eliminate existing, regressive FICA tax system. Capital gains taxed at 35%, but with time-value adjustments set by IRS/FED. Abolish AMT. Eliminate all deductions, even charity. Phaseout corporate income tax.

Wealth Inequality: Bottom rungs of the social ladder must be rebuilt with guaranteed minimum income assistance so people can work out of poverty. Reduce student debt, and bend collegiate education cost curve. Transfer spending back to the working class. Let full employment raise wages. Fair taxation rules for capital gains.

Typical pragmatist. Middle-of-the-road libertarian.
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