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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436518 times)
Atlas Politician
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« on: July 27, 2005, 09:06:17 pm »

Overall Philosophy: Characterised by general irrationality.  Generally holds position because they're 'nice' or 'right', not because they're 'correct' or 'rational'.  Stubbornly clings to positions in spite of evidence to the contrary.  Positions are not typically as in depth as it would appear.  Most likely does not have a single original idea; instead, he picks and chooses things from other people that he likes and attempts to fashion something from them.

Social Issues

General philosophy: Social Liberal, not Libertarian.

Separation of church and state: It's a good thing! Smiley  'Under God' should remain in the pledge, though, and if someone wants to substitute 'Under Allah' or 'Under Satan' or 'Under The Supreme Waffle Kitten' or even 'Under The Sky', that's fine and dandy.  'In God We Trust' should remain on money because no one cares what's on their money, just that they have the money Tongue

Freedom of speech: It's good?  Not much else to say.  Could you provide specific examples?

Right to an abortion: First two trimesters good Smiley  third trimester bad Sad except for rape, incest, or health of the mother or child/fetus/whatever.

Affirmative action: Mostly oppose, switch to class-based AA, I think.  Something.  It shouldn't be as major as it is.

Gun rights: EVIL! Tongue  I oppose ownership of the majority of firearms.  I mean the vast majority.  Hunting stuff only, and even then I oppose the barbaric slaughter of animals except for food or thinning the herd if it's for their own good.

Civil unions or gay marriage: Civil unions for all.  Marriage is a religious affair.

Euthanasia: Leaning towards support, but I'm mostly neutral.

Prostitution: No legalization.  Focus on prosecuting pimps, not the prostitutes.

Capital punishment: Abolish entirely.  And, yes, that means everything, even <insert child molester/rapist/murderer/terrorist here>

Economic Issues

General philosophy: Mainstream liberal; some goliath government programs created, but I mostly oppose state-owned business.

Employers and Employees: Err...

Taxation: Progressive income tax, 0% for the poorest, I think, and something like 30% for the richest.  That OK?

Spending: Nationalised healthcare good.  Public educaiton good.  It's good to absolutely gut pork from budgets, and I think most administration would be streamlined and made more efficient.

Free trade: Neutral; I think it'd be great in an ideal world but sometimes you need controls.

Funding of the space program: Excellent for new scientific advances.  Could we make it less cumbersome, somehow?

Foreign policy

General philosophy: Dove with a humanitarian interventionism streak

Iraq: Now that we're in there, we'd better stay for the long haul.  Otherwise, we'd just abandon Iraq to anarchy, and that wouldn't be good Sad

Neoconservatism: I support invading the nation of Neoconservatism Cheesy
Atlas Politician
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Posts: 15,968

« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2005, 06:58:29 am »

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