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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428217 times)
Brandon H
YaBB God
Posts: 4,307
United States

Political Matrix
E: 3.48, S: 1.74

« on: March 23, 2005, 08:09:48 pm »

I am a paleo-conservative Christian who believes in indivdual responsibilty and making corporations play by the same rules as everyone else with a "realist" foreign policy.
Brandon H
YaBB God
Posts: 4,307
United States

Political Matrix
E: 3.48, S: 1.74

« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2006, 03:14:59 pm »

Overall: Paleo-Conservative

Social Issues

General philosophy: Conservative

Abortion: Strongly oppose - life begins at conception.

Separation of Church and State: (Besides the fact this does not appear in the Constitution.) Religious symbols are ok, but one religion should not be favored over another.

Marriage: Marraige should be left to the churches, not the government.

Affirmative Action: Oppose.

Gun Control: Anyone who owns a gun should make sure they are in control of it.

Death Penalty: Overused, but appropriate in some circumstances. Person should not spend more than 10 years on death row.

Censorship: Job of the parents, not government, though certain content should contain a warning.

Flag burning: Should not be illegal, but won't feel sorry if something bad happens to someone who does burn the flag.

Smoking: Should be legal on private property.

Alcohol consumption: Lower to 18.

Euthanasia: Oppose.

Drugs: Unsure.

Gambling: Lower to 18.

Prostitution: Oppose.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Oppose.

Adult Stem Cell Research: Favor, but should not be government funded.

Immigration: Borders should be secured. Not sure what to do with the II's that are already here. Don't know who they are, where they are, or how many they are. The legal process for obtaining a green card and citizenship should be easier.

USA PATRIOT Act: Oppose for U.S. Citizens.

Selective Service & Draft: Should be eliminated; unConstitutional.
Economic Issues

General Philosophy: Conservative.

Taxes: Income tax should be lowered. Support sin-tax and "entertainment tax". Would support corporate taxes, but it would be ineffective - cost would be passed on to customers.

Spending: Lowered. Many services provided by the federal government would be more efficient if provided by state and local governments.

Unions: Workers should be allowed to organize, but should not be granted any special rights.

Free trade: Oppose Bush Quasi Free Trade. Mixed on Real Free Trade. We should purchase from where they are the cheapest, but the trade deficit is not good for the country.

Social Security: Make optional and phase out over time; make sure anyone who paid into system is given back what they put in.

Workers' Rights: Workers should have rights.

Space Program: Support

Welfare: Limited support at State level.

Healthcare: Oppose socialized healthcare, but accept the fact that some people can not pay for it themself, so state should provide healthcare if necessary. Frivilous lawsuits are partially responsible for increase in costs.

Education: Should be funded by state and local governments.

Copyrights & Patents: Should harder to get something approved or sue for infringement. DMCA should be repealed.

Foreign Issues

General Philosophy: Realist

Democracy and Trade: Trade should benefit the U.S., but the trade deficit is hurting the country.

United Nations: U.S. should withdraw and they should find a new home.

WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, WIPO, FTAA, GATT: U.S. should withdraw from these organizations and any other that threatens American Sovereignty.

Iraq: Shouldn't have gone in the first place, but now that we are there, we need to finish the job. Should have finished the job in Afghanistan before even considering going into Iraq.
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