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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437833 times)
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« on: March 29, 2005, 12:23:09 am »


Abortion: pro-choice. I want it legal in the first trimester. After that I don't care about much restrictions as long as its legal for health reasons, and oppose waiting periods, notifications, and all that other junk. I'm not against the idea of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act but don't like it being passed with this Congress, plus just look at the name.

Gay rights: I'm 100% in favor of all gay rights and gay marriage, atlhough I'd rather just get marriage out of the government altogether. Civil Unions for everyone.

Gun control: I basically have Howard Dean's position. I'm happy with the current laws.

Death penalty: Strongly opposed.

School prayer: I'm against any organized prayer, but think the ACLU often goes too far. If the students themselves want to make some sort of religious reference in something like say a graduation speech, that's fine. Just don't have prayers over the intercom in the morning or anything like that.

Affirmative Action: Should be class, not race based.

Patriot Act: Repeal the damn thing

3 Strikes Laws: Not a bad idea in theory, but they get implemented poorly. Need serious reform. A better solution would be just to increase penalties on violent and serious offenders instead.

Prostitution: Legalize and regulate strongly. Ban pimping.

Gambling: Completely legalize

Drugs: I'm for legalizing pot. Everything else probably not, but we should focus on rehabilitation rather than imprisonment.

Strip Clubs: You already know Smiley


I'm basically a socialist. 100% pro-union. I support wage caps. I like the negative income tax idea. I'm completely in favor of universal health care. I'm very protectionist.

Foreign Policy

Very dovish. Want to gut the hell out of the military. We spend way too much. I obviously opposed the Iraq invasion. I hate both the Israeli and Palestinean leaders and think an independent Palestinean state is the best solution. I strongly opposed any trade with China, and support lifting the Cuban embargo.
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