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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437299 times)
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FuturePrez R-AZ
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« on: March 29, 2005, 12:01:16 am »

Social Views- I consider myself a social moderate
   Oppose abortion except to save the mother's life or incest.  Overturn Roe v Wade and leave it to the states.
   Oppose gay marriage and the Federal Marriage Amemdment.  Believe it should be left to the states.  Support DOMA to allow the states the freedom to define marriage how it sees fit.  Personally support civil unions.
   Oppose euthanasia on 14th Amendment grounds.
   Support allowing states to set their own laws on marijuana use.  Personally, I would just legalize all drugs as I believe that would drastically cut down on the crime rate.
   Support the death penalty with DNA evidence.  I agree with the other poster who said Scott Peterson shouldn't get it because his case is circumstantial.  The Supreme Court was wrong to outlaw it to under 18 yr olds.
   Oppose "3 strikes and you're out" legislation.  Sentences should be handed down on a case by case basis.  Some crimes and it should be 1 strike and you're fried.
   We need to rewrite the Patriot Act, there are good elements to it, but other elements that give government a scary amount of power.
   Oppose further gun control.
   Oppose affirmative action.  Two wrongs don't make a right.
   Favor a set term for Supreme Court and lower court judges to rein in judicial activism.  Say 8 years.
   School prayer is a neutral.  "As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in school."  Support personal shows of faith but oppose organized prayer groups.
   Support vouchers to make our schools more competitive.
   Support the National Park System and allow limited use of wilderness areas such as drilling in ANWAR.  Oppose the Kyoto Treaty.
   Enforce laws on illegal immigration.  Do not give illegals driver's licences or allow them in-state tuition.  Have a guest worker program for jobs that are not filled to reduce the temptation for people to illegally cross.  Say in no uncertain terms that there will never be amnesty.

Economic.  Mostly Libertarian
   Support in principle the effort to have private accounts in social security but wonder how it's going to be paid for.  Support raising the retirement age to keep with the original intent of the program and eliminating the early retirement option.  Would like the whole thing phased out but that is not practical at this time.
   Oppose new prescription drug benefit to Medicare.  Instead set up private Health Savings Acccounts to replace insurance.  Insurance causes overuse of the system.  Oppose gov't funded health care.
   Would prefer a consumption tax, but only if a constitutional amendment was passed to eliminate the income tax.  Since that's not going to happen institute a flat tax with a high personal deduction for progresivity.  As compliance costs drop, billions will be released into the economy.
   End corporate welfare.  Wal Mart makes enough money, they don't need the taxpayers to fund new store construction.  Same with major sports leagues
   Allow private charities, including religous ones, to administer welfare programs as long as the money is going to help and not to preach.
   Strongly oppose the mininum wage.  It only destroys jobs.
   Support NAFTA and exansion of the trade agreement as it will create more jobs in the long run by opening foreign markets to U.S. goods and keep prices down.
   Combat outsourcing by eliminating the corporate income tax (very few corporations pay income tax anyway).  Tax dividends at the flat rate.
   End the embargo on Cuba.  Treat Castro like we've been treating the Chinese and change will come.

Foreign Policy- Basically a hawk.
   Strongly supports the wars in Afganastan and Iraq.  Despite Iraq having no WMD, Saddam was a threat and was only waiting for us to turn our backs to restart it.
   Strongly oppose the draft.  Instead offer better pay and incentives to our troops.  They deserve it!
   Improve the VA system and help families of fallen soldiers.  We need to take care of those who take care of us.

  That's my view in a nutshell.  think I got everything.
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