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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437897 times)
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« on: August 07, 2013, 11:02:05 pm »
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I'll do social and electoral tonight, and add economic and foreign tomorrow.


  • Abortion/Women's Health: I am 100% pro-choice and I support federal funding for planned parenthood and other women's health clinics. I also fully support a woman's right to any and all contraception, and I believe that all hospitals should be required to provide such contraception regardless of religious affiliation.
  • Affirmative Action: Support, to a reasonable extent. I believe affirmative action is more important with regards to college admissions than employment, but both are still necessary. Preferably, race should be a deciding factor between candidates of equal caliber, not a booster for unqualified candidates.
  • Assisted Suicide: Support one's right to choose this option, but it should obviously be monitored closely.
  • Church and State: Should be fully separated. Oppose the presence of "under God" in the Pledge; the U.S. operates under the Constitution, not God. Faith-based charities should not have the same government resources as secular ones.
  • Dealth Penalty: I have no problem whatsoever with the moral concept of the death penalty, however I have three major problems with the way it is currently executed (no pun intended): 1. The death penalty is cost-deficient; one execution costs more money than keeping one person in prison for life. 2. The death penalty is applied in a racist fashion. 3. The death penalty is sometimes applied when there is still reasonable doubt about one's guilt of a crime. If we can eradicate these issues, and create a cost-effective, color-blind death penalty that is only used in instances of 100% certainty of guilt, go for it.
  • Drinking Age: All practical arguments point in favor of lowering the drinking age to 18.
  • Drugs: End the war on drugs completely. Legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana, allowing it to occupy a similar position as alcohol and cigarettes. Decriminalize all other drugs but do not legalize or sell them in a way that would make them readily available.
  • Gun Conrol: Gun control is one of the toughest issues, and it is one where extreme (or even very strong) views on both sides are completely insane. We cannot ignore the Second Amendment, but we also cannot ignore the presence of the words "well-regulated." Nobody needs a magazine that can shoot several rounds, or an AK-47. Support assault weapons ban. Oppose handguns ban. Support strengthened background checks. Oppose the NRA's stranglehold on Congressional Republicans. A moderate approach is the only way to deal with gun control.
  • Hate Crime Laws: Fully support them.
  • Immigration: Continue to strengthen border security, streamline legal immigration, provide a pathway to earning citizenship for illegal immigrants who are already here, and crack down on employers hiring undocumented workers. Support DREAM Act. Supported Gang of 8 Immigration Bill before it became nothing. Vehemently oppose any federal, state, or municipal laws that stipulate racial profiling as a means of combating illegal immigration. SB1070 and similar legislation is not only disgusting but inherently unconstitutional and anti-American.
  • PATRIOT Act: 100% oppose. Repeal.
  • Prostitution: Legalize, regulate, and tax prostitution.
  • Same-sex marriage: 100% support; legalize at the federal level and ensure that, in the eyes of the law, there is 0 distinction between a same-sex couple and an opposite-sex couple.
  • Stem-Cell Research: Fully support federal funding of stem-cell research.

Electoral Reform
  • Campaign Finance Reform: Strongly support. Pass a 28th Amendment that overturns Citizens' United decision
  • Congressional Term Length/Limits: Of course I see the upsides, but oppose. Let the voters make that decision. I would make no changes to the current system of term lengths (keep all House terms two years, and all Senate terms six years with one-third of the Senate up for reelection every two years).
  • Electoral College: I don't think it's as evil as some say, but abolish, replacing it with national popular vote and run-off for the top two candidates if nobody achieves a majority. Vehemently opposed to any electoral college reform (i.e. changes that aren't abolition) because most are measures that would make the winner of the popular vote less likely to be elected POTUS and would benefit Republicans tremendously (i.e. applying the Maine/Nebraska method to all states; this would be horrendous)
  • Filibuster: The filibuster in its present form is a massive hindrance to progress in the Senate and in Washington D.C. overall. Senate filibusters SHOULD absolutely require floor speech for their entire duration, and lower the number of Senators required for cloture to 55.
  • Voter Regulations/ID Cards: 100% oppose any measures to disenfranchise. All voter regulation/ID Card measures recently have been attempts by Republican-controlled state legislatures to disenfranchise minorities and other Democratic-leaning groups. I support automatic voter registration for all persons aged 18 and up (undecided about lowering the voting age to 16, but leaning toward no.)
  • Presidential Term Length/Limits: Presidents should serve one non-renewable six-year term. That way, NO President is ever distracted by running for reelection and thus deterred from serving the people, but still has more than four years to set an agenda. Presidents who serve less than three full years of another's term due to death, resignation, or impeachment, can run for a full term, but those who serve more than three full years cannot.
  • Puerto Rico Statehood: Let the people of Puerto Rico decide. If they pass a resolution for statehood, Congress should have to approve this resolution.
  • Washington DC Statehood: Vehemently oppose. The whole intent is that the capital is NOT one of the states. Ambivalent with respect to retroceding all the non-federal areas of DC into Maryland, but I can see the pluses.

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