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December 01, 2020, 04:20:30 PM
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 464861 times)
Famous Mortimer
Concerned Citizen
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« on: June 10, 2014, 04:47:56 AM »

Social Policy:
Abortion: Legal up to 24 weeks on demand. Legal after that in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger. Sex education in schools. Free birth control. Discourage people from having children they can't afford.
Same Sex Marriage: Legalize it nationwide.
Drugs: Legalize and regulate marijuana. Decriminalize use of other drugs but make their manufacture and sale illegal.
Stem Cell Research: The government should fund fetal stem cell research using unused embryos from IVF treatments (as long as IVF is still legal, which it shouldn't be)
Death Penalty: Only for serious crimes, multiple murders, etc.
Gun control: Weird position. Repeal second amendment but don't ban guns. Guns should be a privilege, not a right.
Affirmative Action: End affirmative action. I'm open to reparations for those still living who were excluded from the original Social Security program (mostly minorities) and for those put in jail for non-violent drug offenses (largely minorities)
Prostitution: Legalize and regular. Prostitution isn't particularly more dehumanizing than cleaning toilets and it pays much much better.
Euthanasia: Legalize for adults who can get cleared by a psychologist.

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: Minimum wage should be $15
Welfare: Everyone should get a guaranteed minimum income of about $1000 a month. Everyone. If they work, they get their pay on top of the $1000.
Right-to-Work: I'm for right to work. Most unions are pretty crappy, also, I think unions are a little too libertarian-y for my taste. The state should ensure people are paid a fair wage for their work, they shouldn't have to fight for it.
Taxation: Tax the rich more. Even if you take a billionaire 75% he will still have more money than he could spend in his life.
Healthcare: Socialized medical and dental. Also take over medical schools. Free tuition to anyone smart enough to pass.
Social Security: Unnecessary under my plan because everyone's getting the free money already.
Trade: Free trade only with nations with an roughly comparable standard of living and who agree to an international minimum wage.                       
Education: National curriculum.  Free college to those smart enough to be admitted.
Balanced Budget Amendment: Balancing the budget has no real benefit other than allowing right-wing politicians to brag.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Afghanistan: The invasion was justified but we should get out now. Back as secular of a dictator as we can find.
Iraq: The invasion was unjustified. Back as secular of a dictator as we can find.
Iran: Talk to them but don't be super friendly.
Syria: Stay out of it for the most part. Encourage the secular opposition to make a deal with the government.
Cuba: Normalize relations.
Military Spending: Cut extremely. Get rid of all bases in Europe.
PATRIOT Act: Mostly fine. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be scared. The state has no interest in harassing innocent people.
NSA Spying: Same as PATRIOT Act.
Palestine: Mostly horrible people but you can't kill them so I guess just try to encourage moderation, however fruitless it might be.
Israel: The two state solution is dead. One state will happen sooner or later. Hopefully Arab moderates + Jewish moderates can outmaneuver the divided theocrats.
Immigration: I'm for immigration as long as the immigrants are smart and culturally liberal. As of right now, most of the people we get are semi-literate and only qualified to clean toilets. All they do is drive down wages and tax the welfare system. They don't even improve their own lives that much.
Guantanamo Bay: I'm fine with torture as long as we're sure the people are guilty. I'm sure we accidentally rounded up some Afghan turd farmers, which is unfortunate.

Climate Change: Pollution is bad.
Green Energy: Pollution is bad.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Jobs aren't worth it.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: Get rid of it. I don't even mind that it's elitist (I'm elitist), it's just that at this point, it's basically random. People no longer vote based on how large their state is (if they ever did at all) so it's outlived it's purpose.
Gerrymandering: PR
Term limits: Anti-democratic.
Voter ID: Yes as long as we have free national ID cards.
Compulsory Voting: No strong feelings. How about make it mandatory but have no punishment for not doing it?
Voter Registration: Voter registration should be automatic.
Statehood: DC should be a state. Puerto Rico should either be independent or a state, none of this both ways crap. If they want to become a state though, their school system has to start teaching primarily in English. If you want to be part of a country, you have to be able to communicate with most people in that country.
Famous Mortimer
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 6,019
United States

« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2017, 10:18:43 PM »
« Edited: February 22, 2017, 10:28:30 PM by Famous Mortimer »

Updating since I became a fascist:

Ideology : Simple answer: Social democrat, snowflake answer: Statist liberal
Social Policy

Abortion: Pro-choice but no public funding unless rape, incest, or life of the mother is in danger

Same-Sex Marriage: For

Drugs: Legalize all drugs

Death Penalty:
 Support but only for extraordinarily crazy crimes

Gun Control: Repeal the Second Amendment, guns as a privilege, not a right. Broadly legal but require a license and all guns in a national gun database

Affirmative Action: Made sense in the 70s, not anymore. Get rid of it.

Legalize it. No worse than any other job.

Support but only with approval of panel of doctors.

Sex Education Sad For.

Immigration: Legalize all non-violent illegals already here. Deport violent ones. No new immigration, legal or illegal, for 10 years. Maybe allow like 20k a year but only if they are sponsored by an employer who will pay them 200k. Constitutional amendments ending birthright citizenship and making English the official language.

Black Lives Matter:
BLM is dumb but support a policy of police reform. Stop hiring violent low IQ jocks as cops. Instead take advantage of our growing pool of underemployed social science majors.

Transgender Issues: However people want to identify is their own business. Trans people should have all the same protection as everyone else. Protecting them under hate crime laws would be fine too. No government funded HRT for minors though.

Muslim Ban: I support a ban on all new immigration. It is wrong to single out groups by national origin or religion though.

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage:  Increase to $15. Adjust for inflation. Let the businesses that can't afford it go out of business, as long as universal healthcare is established beforehand.

Universal Basic Income : Yes but very basic and everyone gets it regardless of whether or not they work, so as not to incentivize failure.

Welfare: Universal healthcare and UBI.

Social Security: Replaced by UBI

Healthcare: Full Communism. Doctors who protest should be publicly executed or else forced out of medicine and forbidden from ever having a job that pays more than minimum wage.

Trade: Fair trade not free trade.

Deficit/Debt: Sky's the limit. Crank it to 12.

Campaign Finance Reform: Seemed like a good idea but turned out it wasn't. If billionaires want to waste money paying conservatives to vote how they would have anyway, let them.

Unions: Not for the public sector. Hopefully government social policy will render them less necessary in the private sector as well.

Energy: Hydrogen.

Environment - Error on the side of not fuccin up da earf

Job Creation:
Build a new American capitol city in the middle of West Virginia. Build bullet trains connecting all cities with more than 100k. Light rail inside each city with more than 100k. Colonize the moon and Mars.

Ban teachers unions. Ban private schools. Ban home schooling. Create three tracks in the public school system: One for dummies, one for smarties, and a tiny one of elites who will go to an American version of École Polytechnique where they will be trained to be hipster philosopher kings

Taxes: 50% bottom rate. 90% top rate.

Glass Steagal - Yeah but more socialist.

Aid - Third world nations will be offered funds on par with the Marshall Plan if they submit to 10 years of direct rule by the UN.


ISIS: Fund the Kurds. Let Russia bomb on behalf of Assad.

Get rid of NATO, not for Russia's sake but just cus it's dumb.

Japan/South Korea Sad If they want us to withdraw, withdraw. Maybe set up a new base in the Thai Redshirt Republic just in case.

China: Cordial relations but don't s their d

Normalize relations. Thank for them being the only country that discourages their people from immigrating here. Maybe try to get permanent lease on Gitmo out of the deal.  Gitmo is good. The prisoners there are hardcore Jihadists with no hope for reform.

Iran: Offer full normalization and help with alternative fuel plan in return for scrapping nuclear deal. Side with Shi'its over Sunnis in general.

Israel/Palestine: Israel is done for. Start planning to relocate Jewish refugees.

Saudi Arabia Sad IDK no good policies here

Pak Sad Let Modi annex

Syria/Iraq/Afghan - Fund the PKK and the PUK

Turkey - Cordial but don't s their d

Electoral -

Voter ID - Every citizen gets a free ID. It's required to vote.

Gerrymandering - Some form of state based PR and/or IRV.

Term Limits
- Anti-democratic. No.

Primaries - Randomly pick order of states every 4 years. IRV.

GE - Popular vote, democracy, IRV.

Automatic Registration - Yes

Early/Absentee Voting - Not unless you got a good excuse

Holiday in State, GE & Primary Elections - Yes

Public funding of elections - Yeah but not that much. Free air time on TV
Others -

Patriot Act - Good. Make eternal. I support the any secret provisions of the PATRIOT Act that the public doesn't know about as well.

Snowden - Don't care.

Keystone, Dakota - No but also get rid of all special status for Native Americans.

Puerto Rico - If they want to become a state, they can switch to teaching English in their schools. If they don't want to do that, cut them off.

Statehood DC, PR - Yes. Would also back just merging with Maryland. Washington, Maryland could be the US capitol.

Nukes - They're out there already so keep a couple but limit the arsenal to just enough to blow up the world twice.
Famous Mortimer
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 6,019
United States

« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2017, 10:30:32 PM »

Is this a somewhat ironic statement aimed at disarming the opposition?

Read my earnest positions and decide for yourself :*
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