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October 25, 2020, 12:03:53 AM

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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 461808 times)
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« Reply #1225 on: June 16, 2017, 11:52:35 AM »

I shall distinguish between my old, deplorable political opinions (mencken 1.0), and my new, enlightened philosophy (mencken 2.0)

Use money in the welfare/food stamp budget to fully subsidize abortions and contraception for those who cannot afford it.
Use money in the Medicaid budget to fully subsidize abortions and contraception for those who cannot afford it.
Death Penalty:
Abolished for the judicial system. Convicted murderers forfeit their personhood to their victim's estate, whereupon the next-of-kin are free to do with it as they see fit.
Abolished uniformly. Convcited murderers sent to rehabilitation for six month before returning to society as changed men.
Religious Liberty:
Nonsensical term. People ought to be free to associate with whom or what they want regardless of pseudoreligious justification.
Life imprisonment for those who refuse to actively participate in any celebration of alternate lifestyle (with special waivers from this statute for observant Muslims)
Drug Legalization:
Legalize them all, with appropriate surgeon general's warning that nobody will read anyway.
Use money in the Medicaid budget to fully subsidize marijuana for those who cannot afford it.
Affirmative Action:
Gross violation of equality under the law. Banned from institutions receiving federal funding for educational purposes.
All minorities (except Asians and Jews) shall be guaranteed at least twice the representation in an institution as their representation in the applicant pool.
See here.
Automatic citizenship for all undocumented immigrants currently present and for all claiming refugee status. Those currently in the immigration queue move to fourth in the line behind the above groups and their extended families and friends.
Existing background checks and waiting period for purchase, concealed carry and open carry.
Banned except for police use. Misdemeanor offense for toy guns or extending the middle and index finger in a suspicious manner.

Abolish personal and corporate income taxes and estate taxes. Fund government services with user fees, property (sales) taxes, excise taxes, and tariffs (capped at 10% each)
One-time 60% wealth tax on households over $10 million; double tax burden on brackets over $100,000; half tax burden on brackets under $50,000.
Health Care:
Individual mandate for catastrophic coverage and/or health saving accounts over a specified amount. Insurance purchasable by individuals rather than employers. Price caps on patent-protected prescription drugs.
Universal public option, ban on private health care
Social Security/Medicare:
Allow individuals to earmark Social Security/Medicare taxes toward their parents' benefit.
Need-based Social Security/Medicare benefits. No benefits for seniors in households over $500,000.

Restructure welfare system to gradually tapir off benefits/avoid creating disincentive toward marginal increase in earned income.
Expand the requirement for need-based eligibility to 300% of the poverty line.
End minimum wage, ban on public sector unions, freeze federal hiring, eliminate Wagner Act
Raise minimum wage to $30/hour, freeze private-sector firing, require companies to give labor unions 30% of stock.

Virtually signaled! 
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« Reply #1226 on: June 16, 2017, 12:01:37 PM »

Oh hey Eharding
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« Reply #1227 on: June 16, 2017, 05:51:16 PM »

My 8 values results
Libertarian Capitalism


Economic Axis - Capitalist
Markets 78% - Equality 22%
Diplomatic Axis - Balanced
Nation 57.4% - World 42.6
Civil Axis - Liberal
Liberty 71.2% - Authority 28.8%
Societal Axis - Neutral
Tradition 45.2% - Progress 54.8%

Anyone else try the 8 Values quiz of 70 questions which importantly distinguishes military action and other aspects not really fleshed out as much in the S/E axis we have here.

Also how about this one?

What type of right winger are you?

I left the one about which dictator do you admire blank (#22)

I got:
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How about you?
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« Reply #1228 on: June 19, 2017, 09:08:00 AM »

I am a fierce individualist and supporter of natural rights and the equality of all before the law. I am for the negative rights as spelled out in the Constitution of what the government should not do.

I firmly believe in the mantra of "the freer the markets, the freer the minds." Without economic freedom how can one truly live a life of prosperity without resorting to force or fraud.

As Rand wrote, "the individual is the smallest minority" and collectivist rule by democracy is still non-consensual.

I support private property rights - from private property we avoid the troubles with the 'common good' which always will result in a decision that will not benefit all equally and will result in some being hurt.

The fundamental idea of not authorizing force against others unless attacked or in imminent danger of attack is a good guiding principle to have.

I advocate the reduction of the destructive and interventionist power of the state. Private, free-market solutions are revolutionizing many unheard of areas. We must continue to push back against the advances of the powerful corporatist, crony capitalist, welfare state which uses fiat currency and central banking to finance wars of imperialist expansion that are against the interests of those looking for both peace and prosperity for this world.

Some of the key influences on my positions: Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Ayn Rand, Tom Woods, Vanessa Beeley, Glenn Greenwald, F.A. Hayek, Leonard Reed

My favorite libertarian charity - Institute for Justice
My favorite libertarian publication - Reason
My favorite libertarian foundation - Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
My favorite libertarian Facebook page - Being Libertarian
My favorite current Libertarian Party member - Larry Sharpe (former VP candidate and possible NYC mayoral candidate)
My favorite current libertarian Senator - still Rand Paul. I met him 2 years ago on the campaign trail.
My favorite current libertarian Congressman - Thomas Massie
My favorite libertarian podcast - Contra Krugman - Tom Woods and Bob Murphy take apart Paul Krugman's New York Times columns
My favorite libertarian book - For A New Liberty by Murray Rothbard

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« Reply #1229 on: June 19, 2017, 10:19:08 AM »

Terrifying views.
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« Reply #1230 on: June 19, 2017, 12:31:00 PM »

Non sequitur
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« Reply #1231 on: June 22, 2017, 02:03:58 PM »

That's actually the summary of his political beliefs.
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« Reply #1232 on: June 23, 2017, 11:50:09 AM »

Only if you don't think Trump should literally be a king. Trump almost sounds like a title than a name.
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« Reply #1233 on: June 25, 2017, 07:57:17 PM »


Social: Libertarian
Economic: Neoliberal
Foreign: Realist


Abortion/Reproductive Rights: Abortion should be legal on demand until viability.  After that only to save a mother's life.  No public funding.
Marriage Equality/LGBTQ Issues: Gay Marriage doesn't bother me.  It is settled law.
Death Penalty: Right in concept, horrible in execution.
Religious Freedom: Businesses should be able to deny service to everyone for any reason.
Drug Legalization: End the war on drugs. Marijuana should be legalized.
Guns: Repeal the NFA on suppressors.  50 state reciprocity of Concealed Carry Licenses.
Euthanasia: Support euthanasia and assisted suicide under certain conditions.
Black Lives Matter/Police/Criminal Justice Reform: Strongly support criminal justice reform.
Transgender Issues: An extremely unimportant issue.  Most modern businesses have a family bathroom.  That should really be the end of that issue.
Education: Crush the teachers' unions and increase education spending.
Affirmative Action: Opposed to it.
Judges: Judges in the mold of Reason/CATO not Heritage.


Taxes: Enact a VAT while cutting taxes on income and capital.
Social Security: Raise the retirement age and cut benefits for everyone except the poorest.
Budgets: A BBA is unrealistic so I oppose it. But reducing long-term deficits should be a priority.
Defense Spending: Don't cut it unless other NATO countries finally start boosting their defense budgets.
Minimum Wage: Oppose it.
Labor Unions: Limit their power. Pass a national Right to Work law.
Financial Regulation: Oppose reinstating Glass-Steagall. There needs to be some financial regulation but there are a lot of unnecessary rules in Dodd-Frank.
Trade: Strongly support free trade deals like NAFTA, TPP and TTIP. Also strongly support globalization.

Foreign Policy

Russia/NATO: Pro-NATO. Strongly oppose stronger ties with Russia when Putin still is around.  NATO should make its commitments to increase defense spending.
Radical Islam: Oppose the Muslim ban, but support strong efforts to defeat terrorist organizations.
Israel: Pro-Israel. Israel is a liberal democracy and one of America's strongest and most stable allies in a volatile region. They do go too far sometimes, but they still are much better than the alternatives.
Immigration: I support comprehensive immigration reform (like the 2013 bill).
Iran: It isn't a really good deal, but tearing it apart would make the situation even worse.
India: We should cultivate a productive relationship with India.  The world's largest democracy with a highly religious population under attack from Radical Islam.  Our relationship with India should be one of stewardship like the UK/US Special Relationship.  


Climate Change: Is complicated.  It is likely real but every solution to the problem involves those who rent seek in the name of the Environment.
Energy: Markets not politics should determine energy policy.   Renewables and Nuclear should be a key part of an all of the above energy policy.  One size doesn't fit all.


Universal Healthcare:  Medicare for all the eliminates the redundancies in Federal Healthcare spending.  


Gerrymandering: Independent Commissions and end the Federal involvement in state elections.  IE stop creating token Democratic districts in the Deep South.
Campaign Finance: No limits.
Term Limits: They're called elections.  Encourage intraparty differences through the primary system.
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« Reply #1234 on: June 25, 2017, 11:49:57 PM »

tschandler: Would you support replacing welfare with a basic income of up to, say, $20,000 for those who make less than $20,000?
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« Reply #1235 on: June 30, 2017, 10:25:14 PM »

Social Issues

-Personally pro-life, but wouldn't consider banning
-Defund Planned Parenthood

LGBTQ+ Rights:
-Strongly in favor of
-Anyone can use whichever bathroom they want

-Expand background checks
-Prevent criminals and mentally challenged from getting guns

Religious Freedom:
-Protect it
-While I do not believe gay marriage conflicts with religion, others do, and government shouldn't force bakers to bake the cake, for example

-Strengthen border control
-Amnesty for illegal immigrants
-Do not cancel or restrict H1-B visas

Death Penalty:
-Don't like it, but it's necessary in some cases

Confederate Flags/Monuments:
-Despise them
-In favor of states removing them and placing them into museums or other designated "historical" sites

-Let states decide on medical and recreational marijuana
-Personally against decriminalization of drugs

-Abolish Common Core
-Give more power to state and local governments
-Severely restrict or get rid of Department of Education
-Pro-school choice

Affirmative Action:
-Contributes to higher minority drop-out rates
-Discriminates against non-minorities

Economic Issues

-Impose flat tax of 10%-20%

-Pro-free trade, but ensure that such trade doesn't hurt Americans and American businesses and industries
-Re-negotiate NAFTA

Minimum Wage:
-Increase to $10.10
-Look to increase further over time

Foreign Policy

-Strongly in favor of
-Push for other nations to meet spending requirements

United Nations:
-Scale back U.S. involvement, especially in light of UN's  aggressive approach towards Israel

-Strongly in favor of
-Continue supplying with foreign aid
-Help improve and fund defense technology
-Move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Nations I Am Strongly Against:
-North Korea

-Stay out of Syrian Civil War

Defense/Military Spending:

Environmental Issues

Climate change:
-Caused naturally and by humans
-Place and keep on restrictions that limit carbon dioxide output

Renewable energy:
-Invest in solar and wind power
-Phase out fossil-fuel usage

Electoral Reform and Government

Presidential Elections:
-Abolish Electoral College
-Enact two-round popular-vote system (France's system is the best example)

House Elections:
-Very, very slightly in favor of proportional voting system

-Strongly in favor of independent redistricting commissions

Term Limits:
-Two six-year terms for senators
-Four two-year terms for representatives

isidewith.com Results

Party: 56% Republican
Ideology: Centrist
Gay Republican
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« Reply #1236 on: July 29, 2017, 09:40:07 AM »

Just copying the format of the poster before me
Social Issues

Definitely Pro-Choice but not Pro-Abortion (an issue I really had with the Clinton campaign).  Planned Parenthood should have full funding but there needs to be a lot more emphasis towards alternatives like adoption (perhaps giving tax credits to adoptive parents?).  This is one issue I strongly disagree with the Republican orthodoxy on and the sooner we move away from the pro-life position we'll be able to do much better in suburbs and among educated professionals.

LGBTQ+ Rights:
Obviously in favor of.  I do disagree with the Trumps Administration's recent decision that sexual orientation is not protected by federal anti-discrimination laws.  As for the whole bathroom issue thing?  The only thing disturbing about it is people thinking about what genitalia the person taking a dump next to them has.  When I use a restroom I'm thinking about taking care of business, not whether or not there is a dickless man stalking me.  And obviously anybody who is willing to give their life in service to our country deserves to be in the armed forces.

Okay with basic background checks but in general support the right to bear arms.  People shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to get basic self-defense for their home or person.  It is a cruel reality but if you live in a major urban area you have to be prepared to defend yourself.  You can't escape all violence just because you live in "the good part of town" or there are police cars around every corner.  The police aren't there to prevent you from getting mugged, they are only there to report the crime after it happens.

Religious Freedom:
As long as said religion is non-violent and doesn't try to force their morality on people it should be given the same rights to practice as other religions.  If it's a religion with moderates and radicals in it obviously we shouldn't ban the practice of it however it should not be an insane idea that occasionally police and federal law enforcement officials investigate places of worship and various sects.  I definitely am not one of those Republicans who thinks Islam is conspiring to take over America but we should stop blaming ourselves and racism and start considering that maybe there is a (again) radicalized and violent portion of Islam in this country that seeks to hurt people.

Not an easy fix.  I think The Wall was an overkill idea.  We already had a border fence put up about a decade ago, what happened to that?  I think a much easier solution would be to have law enforcement officials enforce the laws they have on the book instead of creating more draconian laws that officials are going to ignore anyway.  That said this country is not some free-for-all that people can just come over to and give nothing back in return.  If you are going to live here you better be ready to contribute.  WE should continue to issue work visas and the like (if not increase them) and help immigrants find jobs to support and legitimatize their status.  Okay with amnesty if the people naturalized promise to find jobs and stay in the US for at least 10 years.

Death Penalty:
Strongly Support.  Let's dispel with this notion that there aren't evil people in this world who just had a bad life.  There are terrible evil people.  People who lack a conscience and wouldn't think twice about breaking into your house and killing everybody in it (including the dog).  That is why we have the death penalty.  So while a lot of you are guilt ridden over the prospect of some mass murderers blood being on your hands I can guarantee you many of them sleep like a freaking baby after what they do.

Confederate Flags/Monuments:
Not a fan of them.  If a government entity wants to remove them from government owned property they should be able to do that just like a private entity would.  Private citizens should have the right to fly the flag if they want to.  Frankly the Confederate Flag issue is the Flag Burning issue of our times.  Nobody cares.

Legalize Marijuana NOW!!!!!!  It's a harmless drug, it helps people with cancer treatments, and prohibition has only resulted in overcrowded prisons and fatherless neighborhoods.  How can anybody seeing those results conclude there is anything "just" about our drug laws?  We should be prosecuting real criminals, like those monsters who sell actual dangerous sh*t like heroin to children.

Definitely should be more authority given to state and local governments.  I'm definitely not a fan of the national testing standards tests or one size fits all solutions like Common Core.  Public school teachers definitely need a lot more independence in their course materials so that they can with their own unique perspectives encourage kids to think critically and independently.  Route education is BAD for this country.

Affirmative Action:
I'm sure it had a purpose at one time but now days not so much.  That and I'm not comfortable with some of the inherent racial implications in AA policy, namely the idea that blacks and Hispanics are just stupid or Asians having to score higher on the test due to some IQ algorithim.  Ideally this needs to be reworked from having race as a qualifier to being income based.  A lot of working class people do not have the time or the energy to fully dedicate themselves to studying to get the best grades in school vs. upper class kids who are practically coached on how to get the highest test scores possible to get into the best schools possible.

Economic Issues

I'd say keep taxes kind of where they are at.  The issue isn't really with the revenue we're getting but more with how it's being used.  We need to get much smarter with how we allocate our resources so that each tax dollar is being used efficiently.  However, I definitely do not support the old logic of pushing reduced taxes to force people to reduce spending because that has been proven to not work and be counterintuitive.

Pro-Free Trade in theory.  We need to do a much better job negotiating trade agreements rather than just getting them pushed through for the publicity.  We definitely should not return to protectionism (which didn't prevent millions from losing their jobs during the Great Depression) but it's becoming clearer that Free Trade isn't the silver bullet solution people made it out to be.  There are obviously benefits and drawbacks to it.  A more balances approach like Fair Trade might be ideal policy.

Minimum Wage:
Should be indexed to the cost of living.  With the explosion of housing costs we can't continue having an economy where someone earning $10/hr is expected to somehow live in an area where the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1500 a month.  However, we shouldn't push for a $15 minimum wage in an area where that wage is practically middle class.  Again, we need realism in our economic policies and not just Talking Points liberal or conservative solutions to everyday problems.

Foreign Policy

Definitely in support of.  We also need to encourage other countries in NATO to increase spending so that our defense networks over the Atlantic and the Mediterranean is much stronger.  I want to emphasize though that NATO needs to be a strictly defensive organization and not one that goes into the business of nationbuilding.

United Nations:
Mixed.  The UN Peacekeeping Forces are a vital part of the UN in intervening in humanitarian crises in Africa, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the third world.  However, in a lot of cases the UN has also made some joke decisions and it's bias in regards to some countries (especially Israel) is suspect.  We should stay involved and assert our right to protest bad decisions by the UN Security Council.

I support Israel.  For all of the bad things a lot of activists say about it it is still one of a very few areas in the Middle East where LGBT individuals can live safe and free lives.  Obviously as a gay man I consider that an important factor, especially considering a lot of the radical Muslim countries surrounding it have extreme anti-LGBT laws (some even consider engaging in homosexual relations to be a capital crime, meaning death).  Israel also has a lot more respect for civil liberties and democratic institutions.  With that said we should take a lead in encouraging Israel to find more humanitarian solutions to the Palestinian issue rather than just resettling them in the Gaza Strip.  The US should continue to provide financial, military, and humanitarian aid to Israel.

Against as a general rule of thumb.  We're still paying the consequences for our intervention into Iraq in 2003 and now a lot of the Middle Eastern's problems are spilling over into Europe.  Generally when you break something you fix it.  That wasn't done when we left Iraq.  Ideal military policy should only be focused on defending us and our allies from external attacks.  There is no such thing as a "defensive invasion".

Defense/Military Spending:
We need to be much smarter with defense policy.  It does not look good when Congress is taking years to get a good healthcare policy down but will thrown hundreds of billions of dollars to a fighter jet program.  We need to scale back on our military presence overseas and bring a lot of those troops back home where they can contribute to help building our communities.
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« Reply #1237 on: July 30, 2017, 11:38:16 PM »

Basically a Libertarian Traditionalist (I only sort of made that up), with a strong support for Agrarianism. I always find myself in opposition to the government of the day. I am basically a political malcontent. To quote Wikipedia on the Tory party following the General Election of 1747:

"The Tories had become an irrelevant group of country gentlemen who had resigned themselves to permanent opposition."

So that is me, an irrelevant Burkean Conservative who is in permanent opposition, a conscientious objector to the 21st Century.
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« Reply #1238 on: August 04, 2017, 08:01:20 AM »

Ted Bessell
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« Reply #1239 on: August 04, 2017, 03:10:21 PM »

Don't remember if I ever posted this, but here goes. Format, and some planks, borrowed from Scott.

Social: Libertarian-ish
Economic: Social democrat
Foreign Policy: It's complicated
Political Registration: Democratic in CA (PreReg)

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-choice. Oppose mandatory counseling/waiting periods. Oppose the Hyde Amendment. Support protection of late-term abortions, as they are extremely rare and almost always occur in cases where there's a medical necessity.

Same-Sex Marriage: Strongly support, as well as measures to protect the access of LGBT access to the same services as straight people.

Conversion Therapy: Ban it, for obvious reasons.

Transgender Issues: Support allowing transgender people to use the restroom corresponding to their gender, and their right to serve in the military if they so choose.

Drugs: Legalization of marijuana, for the time being, as well as decriminalization of some of the harder stuff. I'd be open to legalizing those other drugs after we get a broader view of how pot legalization works out over the next few years.

Death Penalty: Oppose unconditionally.

Gun Control: Oppose bans on assault weapons and gun registries. Support reasonable magazine/clip limits. Support open carry in some places, concealed carry in fewer places. Support mandatory gun safety features, background checks, and closing the gun show loophole.

This should, of course, be very localized. I would support some kind of regular test of psychological stability and knowledge of gun safety, like how you have to renew your driver's license, but this is probably not politically feasible.

Affirmative Action: Bigly support -- it's a way to give underserved communities a leg up, and more diversity on campuses is a good thing.

Prostitution: I don't really think it's the government's job to legislate this sort of thing, and I could support this as long as it's monitored to make sure that the prostitutes are there voluntarily and contraceptives/condoms are used.

Euthanasia: Ambivalent. Suffering through terminal illness is awful, but I also don't believe that people have a right to end their life, and I think that it's immoral to end the life of another.

Immigration: Create a pathway to citizenship for all non-violent undocumented immigrants. Deport or imprison violent undocumented immigrants. Offer free English courses, and require basic knowledge as a prerequisite to citizenship, but oppose making English the "official language" of the United States. Prosecute businesses that hire and exploit illegal immigrants out of good wages. Expand legal immigration (H1Bs, green cards, etc) drastically, and remove steps from the bureaucracy required for admission.

Police Issues/Black Lives Matter: I strongly support the goals of BLM and police reform. Require body cameras and accountability. Encourage community policing.  The justice system should be reformed so that officers are held accountable - no more "blue shield."

Free Speech/Political Correctness: Some level of "political correctness" as a social norm is necessary to keep politics from descending into a blithering mass of personal hatred and bigotry, but I support the right of anyone to say anything and my right to call them a hateful asshole for saying it. Tongue

School Prayer: I don't think it's really appropriate, but religious clubs are alright.

Muslim Ban: Islamaphobia is wrong and so are religious litmus tests period.  Anyone who's willing to assimilate into the culture and be a productive member of society should not be disqualified from entering the United States.

PATRIOT ACT/NSA Spying: Completely and unconditionally opposed to warrantless wiretapping. Privacy is a human right.

TSA: Abolish it. Let airports/airlines manage their own security in accordance with federal standards.

Economic Issues
Minimum Wage: Establish a national living wage of $15 per hour set to rise with inflation.

Welfare: Safeguard and expand the welfare state. Ensure food security for all Americans, provide adequate living assistance, paid maternity and paternity leave of at least 1 year each, paid sick leave, 2 weeks guaranteed paid holidays, and subsidized childcare and universal pre-k. Implement a UBI for economic stability and general welfare.

Social Security: Lift the taxable income cap.  Social Security is solvent until 2033 and there is no “crisis.”  Ideally, the retirement age would be lowered so as to expand job opportunities for young people.

Healthcare: I would support a single-payer/Medicare-for-all program. Currently I’m most in favor of a nationwide “public option” or Medicare buy-in program, as well as co-ops or Germany-style “sickness funds,” to compete with private insurance companies.

Allow drug imports from Canada and countries which tightly regulate their drug markets for safety. Subsidize families that spend more than a certain portion of monthly income on prescription drugs, either through reimbursement or tax credits.

Globalization/Trade: I think free trade is a net plus for the economy, but

Deficit/Debt: Maximize efficiency, streamline all governmental agencies, consolidate agencies and eliminate redundancies, abolish the NSA, slash the military and defense budget, focus on implementing cost saving technologies, and make it publicly available and readily accessible to see where all funds are going, the budgets of every agency and department, and who voted for what funding.

Campaign Finance Reform: Amend the Constitution to exempt political contributions from free speech, and allow Congress to establish reasonable regulations and (possibly) publicly fund campaigns.

Unions: Strongly support. Completely overturn the Taft-Hartley Act, strengthen public and private sector unions, and abolish all right-to-work laws.

Energy: Invest heavily in green energy with the intent of revolutionizing our energy sector. Incentivize businesses and individuals to go green with tax breaks, implement cap and trade, partially nationalize all companies exploiting our natural resources, and begin reducing fracking and offshore drilling by gradually restricting permits. Retrain workers on the fossil fuel sector and help them transition to other jobs.

Job Creation: Invest in a massive infrastructure redevelopment program a la Roosevelt's public works programs. Heavily incentivize businesses to create jobs in underprivileged areas, both rural and urban. Expand broadband to all people, including rural areas.

Education: More autonomy for schools and teachers over curriculum, ideally by reducing the effects of standardized testing on said schools. Free tuition for public universities and pre-k, and no ban on homeschooling.

Taxes: Reduce the corporate tax rate, while closing loopholes and such. Sales taxes should be minimal, and income taxes should be very progressive.

Foreign Policy
Basically, the U.S. should play an active role in the liberal order. We should respond proportionally to humanitarian crises on a case-by-case basis, and prevent singular actors from gaining hegemony over their regional neighbors and our allies via bullying. However, most of the failed military ventures by the U.S. post-WWII can be explained by a failure to decide where the best theater to prevent said aggression is, so caution is extremely important.
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« Reply #1240 on: August 15, 2017, 09:55:18 PM »
« Edited: August 16, 2017, 07:25:15 AM by fhtagn »

Social Issues

- Personally wouldn't have an abortion
- Do not support bans under 20 weeks
- Pro-choice until point of viability, after that point only in extreme cases of risks to the mother or baby
- Support Planned Parenthood

LGBTQ+ Rights
- Support same sex marriage and adoption
- Sexual orientation should be protected by anti-discrimination laws
- Anyone can use whichever bathroom they wish
- Do not support conversion therapy
- No issue with LGBTQ+ citizens in the military

- Support background checks
- Prevent those who are unfit from obtaining a gun (ex. extreme cases of mental/psychological disability, those who have a record of violent crime - especially gun related charges, etc.)
- Do not support gun bans and magazine limits
- Do not support registries
- Support both open and concealed carry

- Support full legalization of marijuana
- Support decriminalization of harder stuff, prefer focusing on addiction as a mental illness vs. a crime

Religious Freedom
- Should be protected
- The government should not force citizens or businesses to operate against their religious views

Death Penalty
- Generally oppose, but do support for extreme cases where the crime is especially heinous and there is no doubt about who committed the crime (ex. serial killers, terrorists, etc.)

- Support as long as the patient is terminally ill and expected to live 6 months or less
- Patient must be of sound mind to make the decision, must not be a result of mental illness
- Doctor cannot be forced to perform the procedure, but should be able to recommend one who will

- Should be legal as long as all participants are of legal age and consent to the act
- Ensure contraceptives/condoms are used and ensure regular STD testing takes place

- Create a pathway to citizenship for all non-violent immigrants, deport ones who are violent
- Oppose making English official language, but basic knowledge should be required
- Support expansion of legal means of immigration
- Protect illegal immigrants by prosecuting businesses and individuals who take advantage of them for low wages and bypassing other labor laws

Affirmative Action
- Oppose
- I do acknowledge how it has benefited minorities, however there are many issues I personally find with it today.
- Presently feel the issue more of a class/income divide rather than race
- Encourages reverse discrimination/racial tension
- Devalues personal achievement, lowers standards, and holds people less accountable

Confederate Flags/Monuments
- History should not be erased, do not support removing
- Should be protected from desecration
- Would prefer a plaque or sign placing them in context vs removal or placement in museums
- If people want to fly it, let them fly it.

Political Correctness
- Some arguments make sense, but people these days take it too far
- Know your audience and try not to be a jerk
- It's not that serious

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage
- Should be increased, but rate should determined based on cost of living in the areas where people reside, though support keeping a reasonable federal minimum wage to avoid people being taken advantage of
- Should take into account whether or not someone has dependents
- Adjust with inflation
- Businesses should not be placed at risk

- Free trade is great in theory, but we would be better off re-negotiating and doing a better job with future deals so American businesses and industries are not harmed.
- Support tariffs on select imports to protect American industries.

- No huge issues with current tax rates, though we need to be better about how we are using the money
- Simplify the tax code to make it easier for people to understand

- I acknowledge that they do very good things for workers, but they also do terrible things, too.
- Limit their powers, crack down on corruption
- Support right to work

Social Security
- Raise the retirement age
- Allow for the most benefits to go to lower income individuals, reduce benefits to those who are in higher income brackets.

Foreign Policy

- Pro-NATO
- Do not support strengthening ties with Russia while Putin is in power.

Radical Islam
- Do not support Muslim ban, but support improving screening process
- Terrorist organizations should be taken seriously, empower countries where they are occupying to drive radicals out on their own. Hold them accountable, we should not be in charge of policing the world.

- Both sides have done bad things, but I generally find Israel to be less bad.
- Overall support, but we should not tolerate when they do terrible things.

- Not a huge fan of the deal, but we would be worse off scrapping it


Climate Change
- Climate change is real, is one of the most serious threats facing our nation and our planet today.
- Caused both by humans and is natural
- In favor of putting in place limits on carbon dioxide output

Renewable Energy
- Support investing in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.
- Support phasing out of fossil fuel usage
- Support other forms of clean energy (such as nuclear) until renewable sources are economically feasible.


Universal Healthcare
- Support universal healthcare
- Mixed feelings, but lean opposed to single payer

- I realize how people benefit from it, but it is currently unsustainable.
- Take necessary measures to reduce spending, but avoid hurting the people who most need it.
Our Enemy, the Left
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« Reply #1241 on: August 20, 2017, 05:19:02 PM »

Did this before but let's see what has changed. I borrowed from Scott I guess?

Social: Libertarian-ish
Economic: Conservative/Libertarian
Foreign Policy: Libertarian
Political Registration: Republican

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-life except for when the mother's life is at risk.

Same-Sex Marriage: Government shouldn't be involved in marriage. Let consenting adults decide who they want to be involved with.

Conversion Therapy: If it's run by the private sector, I don't care.

Transgender Issues: Unsure.

Drugs: All drugs should be legal

Death Penalty: The state does not have the right to execute someone

Gun Control: No bans on guns. I am open to having gun licences for people once they are 18 and 21, but no registration of guns or bans on what weapons one can hold

Affirmative Action: Opposed to but there is room for some of the policies.

Prostitution: Legal

Euthanasia: Legal

Immigration: Open borders once the welfare state is abolished.

Police Issues/Black Lives Matter: Police brutality should have heavy repercussions. Body cameras should be implemented. Individuals should have the right to defend themselves against the police force.

Free Speech/Political Correctness: PC sucks.

School Prayer: Schools have a moment of silence for this. That's all that's needed.

Muslim Ban: Muslim bans are illegal but banning refugees from Muslim countries is not the same thing

PATRIOT ACT/NSA Spying: Abolish the NSA and the Patriot Act

TSA: Abolish

Economic Issues
Minimum Wage: Abolish

Welfare: Abolish and replace with UBI (Don't really agree with but meh)

Social Security: Privatize

Healthcare: Abolish Obamacare.

Globalization/Trade: Support free trade but oppose deals like NAFTA.

Deficit/Debt: Cut spending and stop borrowing.

Campaign Finance Reform: No need for reform besides removing restrictions.

Unions: Unions are cancer

Energy: Private sector

Job Creation: private sector

Education: Private sector

Taxes: Flat tax of 14%. Everyone making under 100k does not pay it.

Foreign Policy
Only go to war as last resort. Sanctions are an act of war. Foreign aid is unconstitutional. Get rid of bases in other countries.
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« Reply #1242 on: August 23, 2017, 01:13:15 AM »

Social Policy
Abortion: It depends, but its solely the mother's decision

Same-Sex Marriage: Support it and the government should stay out of it

Transgender Issues: No opinion

Drugs: Some should be illegal, some legal

Gun control: Guns should never be banned, but I support background checks

Immigration: Close borders if country gets overpopulated

Economic Issues
Minimum Wage: Raise it a liitle bit

Welfare: Keep some in place

Social Security: Privatize

Trade: Support Free Trade

Deficit/Debt: Cut the deficit, lower the debt

Energy: Privatize

Job Creation: Privatize

Education: Privatize

Taxes: In my opinion, taxes to the federal government are unnecessary we should abolish taxes. but if we must have taxes then I support lowering them.

Foreign Policy
We should be isolationist and pull U.S troops out of Korea, the Middle East and wherever else they are stationed at. We should stay out of foreign affairs and attack, if attacked first

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« Reply #1243 on: August 28, 2017, 06:16:42 PM »


Social:  Libertarianish
Economic:  Conservative/Libertarian


Social Issues

Abortion:  Legal until First Trimester

SSM:  100% Support

Transgender Issues:  Leave the Bathroom issue to the states,  personally I'd allow them to go into bathroom they Identify as.   

Marijuana:  Full Legalization

Death Penalty:  Neutral

Euthanasia:  Support

Gun Control:  Background Checks, no need for automatic weaponry, oppose Assault Weapon bans, oppose National Gun Registry.

Affirmative Action:  Oppose

Immigration:  Support legal immigration, we need tighter border security (no wall), support Pathway to Citizenship, Support Ban on Immigration/Travel from violent Nations/Regions.

Refugees:  Support bringing in Syrian Refugees after vetting.

Prostitution:  Full Legalization

Patriot Act/Government Surveillance:  Fully Oppose, fighting terrorism does not require infringing upon right to privacy. 

Free Speech/PC:  Oppose "Hate Speech" laws, but if you're a racist, sexist, etc.,  you're going to get rightfully called out for it.

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage:  Increase National Minimum Wage to $9.25, consider incremental increases from 9.25 to adjust for Inflation.

Taxes:  Change to 4 Brackets, 7.5%, 12.5%, 20%, 35%.  Corporate Tax Rate to 22.5%.  Eliminate loopholes and deductions for Corporations and Millionaires/Billionaires. 

Trade:  Pro-Free Trade but focus on mainly Bilateral Trade Agreements.

Welfare State:  "Thou Shalt not Repeal"

Healthcare:  Status Quo

Unions/RTW:  Workers have a right to choose whether or not to join a Union, but Unions should not be curtailed.

Regulation/Environment:  Global Warming is real, Green Energy companies should remain private.  Minimal Emission Regulation.

Corporate Bailouts:  No

Education:  Allow School Vouchers, repeal Common Core and return Standards/Curriculum to States.

Foreign Policy/Misc.

Every Damn War we're in:  Just get out before we ruin things even more than we already have.

Iran:  Diplomacy before war.

Israel:  Cut off all "aid" and cease being an ally.

NATO:  Support, make allies pay fair share.

Russia:  Attempt to improve relations.

Term Limits:  The people are the term limit.

Gerrymandering:  Non Partisan Commission draws districts.

Early/Absentee Voting:  Support

Voter ID:  Lean Support, though there are clearly electoral motives behind Voter ID Laws.

Public Financing:  Support, and any party/candidate that is able to get on ballot in all 50 states should receive Public Funding and be allowed into the Debates.

Electoral College:  Lean Support, proportional system would be better.

Voting Age:  18

Thank you for the memories, Atlas
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« Reply #1244 on: August 28, 2017, 09:44:52 PM »

- I have changed my views on Russia recently. We need to continue an increase in sanctions and to continue opposing Putin's lack of respect for human rights in his country and abroad.
- Our policy in the Middle East when it comes to Russia needs to be more aggressive in diplomatic terms. We need to weaken it's influence as it has its fingers deep in Assad's Syria and in Iran. Russia emboldens Iran by continuously selling it high grade weapons and by ignoring Iran's sponsorship of terrorism. 

- In regards to Russia's European expansionist policies, I think its clear we need to put our foot down and increase pressure and sanctions on them. Russia was threatening out diplomats last year and we had no response except to ask them to halt their harassment. Extremely pathetic response.  
- Russia respects power confidence more then anything else and they have not seen any of that under Pres. Obama, and this has not gotten better under Pres. Trump.

Changed my Russia policy.

And also have my views on Latin America policy here:

Latin America:
- The United States should seek stronger relations with allies such as Colombia and Argentina. I think these two countries have the potential to be the long-term leaders of democracy and influence in that region. I think they will be important assets in stabilizing the region and opposing autocratic dictatorships in the region.
- I am a staunch opponent of the Castro Regime in Cuba and support restoring the embargo fully. We need to demand the release of all political prisoners in Cuba. I believe one day Cuba will be free and democratic, but until that day I oppose any relations w/ Cuba.
- I am also a fierce opponent of Bolivarian Socialism and Peronism. Two political plagues that need to never return.
- I am especially active in opposing the disgusting Maduro Regime in Venezuela. The United States must continue to put pressure on the Regime and continue placing sanctions on the regime. We should support those in the opposition who are fighting against the regime. Democracy must be restored in Venezuela. OAS has been doing better at playing a productive role in opposing the Maduro Regime, but it still needs to do more and the U.S. can play a positive role in encouraging them to do so.
- I'm also not a fan of Evo Morales of Bolivia who reminds me of Moe from the Three Stooges. He's more of a nuisance than anything else, though. Just wanted to state my dislike for him.
- President Macri of Argentina wants to implement a Marshall Plan for Argentina to help rebuild the economy and to restore infrastructure. I support this move. So much so that I want a multi-country coalition to commit to a Latin America-wide Marshall Plan. Preferably would like the U.S., Colombia and Argentina to lead the way on this.
- In regards to Mexico, I believe we need to maintain relations, obviously. Same goes for the Central American countries, but the illegal immigration problem needs to be addressed. I think it can be best addressed by tackling the drug cartel problem. The illegal immigration issue will not go away with a strong alliance (much stronger than it currently is) with Mexico on defeating the cartels. There is too much to go into in regards to details and requests, but overall we need to have a relationship w/ Mexico based on common goals related to international and geopolitical concerns not just on separate domestic concerns.
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« Reply #1245 on: August 30, 2017, 06:48:36 PM »

Social Issues

I'm basically as far to the left as someone can be when it comes to social issues, although I personally believe abortion is wrong. I'm pro-choice, 100% pro SSM and LGBT rights, believe in marijuana legalization (harder drugs should be decriminalized, but not legalized), I strongly believe in the separation of church and state and  a secular federal government. I'm not sure if gun control and immigration are typically considered social issues, but I consider them to be social issues so I'll cover them here. On immigration, I believe our legal immigration system should be drastically simplified, I believe in a pathway to citizenship for Illegals who have not committed violent crimes while here. felon illegals should be deported. I don't support "The Wall", but I do support securing the current border and hiring more border control agents if necessary. as for gun control, I am generally very pro-2A, but do favor universal background checks and making it as hard as is humanly possible for mentally unstable people to purchase guns.

I'll post my other political views whenever I find the time.
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« Reply #1246 on: August 31, 2017, 12:08:18 PM »

Social: Libertarian
Economic: Centre Left
Foreign: Paleoconservatism
Registration: None


Abortion/Reproductive Rights: For Abortion in cases of Rape, Incest, or other forms of forced sex/rape, should be much easier to get in the earlier stages. Opposition to individual control of abortion by states, should be decided by federal government as a whole. Individual states can tweak that here and there if they want however. However Late termination of Pregnancy around the third trimester i believe should have some sort of ban or made harder to do to the more developed and aware fetus and a nervous system which a important sign of that fetus being able to feel pain. I'm in favor of Planned Parenthood and but don't support repealing Hyde act. Instead support strengthening of already existing options for federal funds for the mother in the amendment itself. Moderate/Average Pro-Choice but not really a important issue

Death Penalty: Against the death penalty uniformly even in cases of murder and terrorism (which should be dealt with life and prison and depending on the severity some forms of torture like isolation from light) and believe life's should not be killed because that person killed other. Support rehabilitation for some criminals but i agree that it does not work for every one. Support leaner sentences for non murder/rape/incest or any other crimes which involved another person. Generally Liberal/Far-Left. Issue (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 5)

Religious Freedom: Support everyone's right to believe what they want to believe. They should not be forced to do something that goes against there believes and should not be forced to bake a cake for gay couples even if the religious clause is a lie by the Federal or State Government. Libertarian (On a Scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 4)

Drug Legalization: Support Marijuana legalization in all 50 states which can be done by the states or as a act by the federal government and all drugs which have been studied and shown to not lead to death should be legalized to the public over the age of 21 and should be classified in the same category as alcohol. These all should be Legalized, Taxed, and extremely regulated. It can be up to the states on how they want to enact Legalization, Taxation, and Regulation and on what drugs can be legalized which can be done through popular referendums. Also End the Drug War!(Not neocon hack). Standard Liberal Position. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 7)

Guns: Support the second amendment strongly and people have the right to bear arms from a potential tyrannical government but can support minimal gun background checks and education on guns laws. Standard Moderate (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6)

Euthanasia: Support the Right to Suicide if they can perform rational thought and conversation and understand what they will do. Support some kind of agreement between person performing Euthanasia and his/her family or spouse in which 1 or more close people to that people have to agree to the act to perform the act of euthanasia. Libertarian. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 4)

Transgender Issues: I personal believe there are/should only be two genders (minus of course intersex which is genetic). But i will respect someone else's decision if they were Transgender. Bathroom issue, the Government should not have the power to force this and should be up to the local and state levels and the actual businesses itself. This whole issue is dumb and a third bathroom with both urinals and stalls for them would solve this. Libertarian (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 3)

Sex Education: Support Middle School and High School sex education and promotion of the use of forms of sexual protection education. Don't think this should be left or right issue so i will say "Standard Position". (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6)

Education: Support school choice and abolish common core. Parents should have the option to have a wide variety of options of schools to go to, both public and private. Common core requirements are uncalled for and should be up to the schools themselves on how to evaluate a student. Libertarian/Center Right (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 5)

Affirmative Action: Against it. Just a way of reverse racism and hurts minority students more Should be banned and lost to history. Right Wing. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 4).

Judges: Judges should follow the Constitution as it was. Center Right to Moderate (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 5).


Taxes: I favor a form of progressive taxation. Create a 45.5% tax bracket for those making over 5 Million annually, 40.5% tax on those making 2-10 million annually, 30-35.5% tax bracket for those making 750,000 to 2 million, a 30% tax for those making 250,000 to 750,000, 25% for those making 100,000 to 250,000, 15% for those making $50,000 to $100,000 and a 5% tax for those under that. Raise on other Tax rates including Estate tax rates of 55% over a million and 44.5% over 500,000. Also support lowering of tax rates including a nationwide lowering of the sales and also of the property tax. Against offshore safe havens and we should limit loopholes through this.
Standard Progressive. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 8 ).

Trade: Support Protectionism when it comes to trade. Against TPP and favor a rewriting of NAFTA and support of Fair Trade. Standard Liberal/Paleoconservative/Old Right.  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 7).

Social Security/Medicare: Supports both and slight lowering of the retirement age from 67 to 64 Standard Progressive  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6).

Budgets: Support a negotiated Balanced budgets amendment. Centrist.  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 2)

Defense Spending: Lower it massively. Military spending makes up 54% of the discretionary budget which is massively too high for a country not at threat with war. Should be cut by 45-65% and used for (and when you start to say "How you paying for the damn programs ya commie") domestic programs at home. Very Liberal/Paleocon/Libertarian.  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 8 ) .

Minimum Wage: Should be raised nationally to 11.50-12.50$ per hour however it should be tied to inflation so as the price of living increases so does the wage. The 11.50$ per hour can be made both higher or lower depending on a states cost of living. Center Left (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6).

Labor Unions: Support Labor Unions in both Private and Public Sectors. Can negotiate with Company owners for worker issues and should be strengthen. Progressive  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 7)

Financial Regulation: Support Rein-station of Dodd-Frank plus much more regulation on wall street and national/multi national corporations stationed in the US and should be held to account as any other company and should be checked for potential illegal action. In case of future recessions there should be no bailing out of these company's. Also i support lower regulations of smaller business however. Progressive (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 9).

Foreign Policy

Russia/NATO: I support Russia in its standoff with NATO as NATO has increasingly expanded to its borders. I support the annexation of Crimea, there actions in Georgia, and also a Russian backed recognized state in Donbass to end the war there. There should be less tensions with Russia and we should loosen up sanctions on them. I also support NATO existence as a defensive organization however should stop its aggressive path towards Russia. Anti-War/Pro-Russian  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6)

Radical Islam: Oppose Radical Islam on all counts. We should work with allies in the Middle East to oppose it and defeat it like the kurds. We should also work with Assad's Syria and Russia to defeat ISIS. Oppose Trumps Travel Ban as it does more Harm then good and most terrorists that have attacked in America were not from those 7 country but from the Gulf and Pakistan. We should also distance ourselves from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and the oOther Gulf states and recognize them for who they are at exporting Radical/Wahhabi Islam around the World. Standard Liberal  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 8 )

Israel: I Support Israels Right to Exist and sympathizes with them more then the Palestinians. However we much support a Two State Solution and stop always being on Israels Side. We must force them to make Concessions and in the end hopefully form a Israel and a Palestine. If Israel doesn't agree we can tell Israel that the US will give up there UN vote in UN Resolutions. Standard Liberal (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6)

Immigration: Support a very tough border. Don't agree with a wall as immigrants will just find a way around it and would be a waste of tax payers dollars. For the Millions of Illegals already here, i think it is too time consuming to try to deport all and instead find a way to Citizenship. I also agree that the US should fight the root problem which is crime in Mexico and Central America to try to stop the massive Illegal Immigration. The Illegals should also be barred from Welfare and Government functions.
I support around 5,000 middle eastern refugees to be able to live in the US however they should be brutally checked and made sure they don't have terrorist motives and are actual refugees. I support out of these 5,000 that they be representative of the Religion of there Country. For instance, for every 100 Syrian Muslim Refugees there is 10 Syrian Christian Refugees to represent the 90-10 Muslim Christian Percentage in Syria. Right Wing to Center Right/Paleoconservative. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6).

The Govanah Jake
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« Reply #1247 on: August 31, 2017, 12:08:50 PM »


ObamaCare: Support it however i think it goes to little and we should push for a much more reasonable Single Payer with some competition or Choice System. Or a multi payer system within a universal healthcare program. However i have a feeling that America will end up having a expanded Obamacare with more broad coverage. Standard center left  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 7)

Drug patents: Should take around 10 years but beside that, dont have much to say. Hopefully neither left or right.  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 2)


Gerrymandering: We should end this sh**t. Nonpartisan? (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 6)

Electoral College: I support it however also support a clause in which when no one reaches 270, the one with the most Electoral Votes wins instead of it going to the House and Senate. Also support proportional representation of electoral votes. For example: Candidate A wins Montana 55%-44%. He receives 2 of its electoral votes while the other candidate wins the 1. Moderate  (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 5)

Campaign Finance Reform: There should be no large donations from large donors of at least $5,000. Regulate any loop holes to this. Support a progressive grassroots small donation or self financing style way of financing Campaigns. Progressive. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 9).

Freedom of Speech: Support it always except in cases of endangerment and those listed in the first amendment. Neither Left or Right. True American Position.

Term Limits: There should be Term Limits for the House and Senate. Liberal

Iran: Supports the Iran Deal and we should end some sanctions on Iran. We should continue to watch there Nuclear Program and should act more friendly to them. Moderate (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 5) .

Climate Change: Its real and no matter if its man made or not, we should take drastic measures to fix it. Progressive (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 5).

EPA: Strongly Support and we should continue to protect the environment and produce clean air and water and protection of national parks and non existing national parks. Environmentalist/Hopefully neither left or right. (On a scale of 1 to 10 on importance: 7)
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« Reply #1248 on: August 31, 2017, 12:09:33 PM »

Some adjustments from the last time i listed these
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« Reply #1249 on: September 11, 2017, 09:03:15 AM »

Ideology: Moderate Conservative

Abortion: Pro Life with the normal exceptions

Climate Change: Is real.

Same-Sex Marriage: I believe it is a settled issue.

Drugs: Support marijuana legalization

Death Penalty: Strongly Support

Euthanasia: Oppose

Gun Control: Strongly pro-gun rights

Affirmative Action: Strongly oppose

Political correctness: Not a fan.

Immigration: Secure the border. Know who we are letting in. Supports DACA and would support DREAM Act

Muslim Ban: Would support a travel ban from high-risk countries

Minimum Wage: Support an increase. Not $15 though

Energy: All of the above, including coal.

War/Foreign: Lean hawk. We should make sure we are the strongest country in the world but I do not support regime change or nation building.
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