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November 28, 2020, 03:11:03 PM
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 464578 times)
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« Reply #675 on: December 26, 2011, 01:03:35 PM »
« edited: December 26, 2011, 01:06:58 PM by Northeast Governor Snowstalker »

Social issues:

Though I dislike abortion, the consequences of banning it would be far worse than the current legal status. Banning things doesn't reduce the rate of usage; it only drives it underground. Abortion must be safe and legal. Those who are truly pro-life like myself realize that slowing the abortion rate comes not from taking away a woman's right to her body, but from funding anti-poverty programs and through comprehensive sex education in schools as opposed to abstinence-only programs.

Same-sex marriage: Allow it.

Death Penalty/Euthanasia: Due to the costs of the appeals process and the underlying possibility that any innocent person may have been executed, I oppose the death penalty under all circumstances. Life in prison without parole should be the highest punishment.

Euthanasia: Having seen two family members deteriorate in hospices for months until they finally died in agony, I find that forcing these people to stay alive is far more barbaric than letting them choose their own fate. Allow patients to end their own lives, be it passively (cutting off life support) or actively (injection)

Drugs: The War on Drugs has been a costly and authoritarian failure. Legalize soft drugs, decriminalize hard drugs. Focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment--drug users have no place with murderers and rapists. Once again, support anti-poverty and job training programs so that people don't have to resort to dealing drugs (fun fact: most dealers don't actually make much money)

Prostitution: Like drugs, banning it doesn't work. Legalize and regulate using the same system as Nevada; require the use of protection, weekly STD tests.

Gun Control: I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. Other than some limitations (no firearms for those with certain mental illnesses, 1-day waiting period, no guns in public institutions, allow private institutions to decide whether they want to allow guns or not), I oppose gun control. I support allowing concealed weapons with a permit and oppose the assault weapons ban.

Education: Standardized testing teaches conformity and forces curriculums to focus on teaching the test. Merit-based pay and voucher schools are terrible ideas. Require schools to provide healthy options at lunch but allow some junk food (with a calorie cap). Allow student-run prayer in school, but it can't be led by a teacher (i.e. the current policy).

Immigration: Maintain border security, but don't build a fence. At most, create an "electronic fence". Support a guest-worker program towards citizenship while simplifying the process of legal immigration.

Voter ID laws: They're a terrible idea and are inevitably intended to suppress voting rights. Support automatic registration on the condition that you have taken the same citizenship test that residents have to take (it would be a required high-school test, the only exception to my opposition to standardized testing).

Economic stuff next.
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« Reply #676 on: December 26, 2011, 10:17:17 PM »
« Edited: February 29, 2012, 02:27:34 AM by FloridaRepublican »

Overall Philosophy: I am a very conservative traditionalist to the point of reactionary.


Abortion: 100% pro-life in all cases. Should not be nearly as accessible or accepted as it is nowadays. However, there's no way of preventing back-alley coat-hangers. If people really want to do something illegal, a law won't hinder them.
Affirmative Action: Strongly oppose. It's counterproductive, and it's reverse discrimination in the guise of "equality."
Gay marriage/rights, etc.Sad 100% oppose all legal recognition of any relationship other than that of one man and one woman.
"Separation of church and state"Sad Mentioned nowhere in the constitution and has nothing to do with the religion clause in the 1st Amendment. Should not even be an issue.
Death penalty: Support for murder, rape, and treason. Not just from a retribution stance, but it's also a preventative measure to stop the person from committing the same crime again anywhere else.
2nd Amendment: 100% support with as little restrictions as possible.
Drugs: If they get legalized, yay. If they stay the way they are, yay. Don't care.
Euthanasia: I personally oppose it, but it's of low priority to me. Should be a states' rights issue.
Electoral College: I'm one of the very few people who strongly supports the Electoral College.
Immigration: 100% support LEGAL immigration. All governments need to make it a point to deport any and every person here illegally. It's called illegal immigration for a reason. 100% support Arizona's SB1070.


Obamacare: I bet you can guess by now. Completely oppose.
Welfare: Very glad Welfare Reform was passed in the 90s. The original intent of welfare has been completely swept under the rug. Now there's almost no incentive to better oneself, especially in the lower class.
Education: Actually pretty liberal on this issue (I think this is liberal). It's completely ridiculous and unfair to even suggest merit-based pay. They should be paid based on how well they teach, not based on what the kids have or haven't learned. Some kids just refuse to learn or see it as pointless. (See Welfare)
Minimum wage: Let the states decide.
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« Reply #677 on: December 26, 2011, 10:57:40 PM »

Overall: I would characterize myself as a pragmatic left-libertarian influenced by the thought of Hume, Rawls, and Burke.

I'm not sure where to start with the rest of this, so I'll write it later.
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« Reply #678 on: February 27, 2012, 08:29:26 PM »

In short, I believe that government exists to give people a better life. Socialist, civil libertarian, moderate dove.


Welfare: Gov't should help the unemployed by both giving them money to get them out of the hole and finding them jobs to keep them out.

Education: Pay teachers based on how they affect student performance. I support good, funded public schools.

Health care: Universal and free.

Trade/Outsourcing: Fair trade. Generally oppose outsourcing.

Wages: No 'working poor'. Wages should be high enough that if you work your 40 hours a week, you should make a good living.


Gay rights: I'm gay. Figure it out.

Abortion/contraception: Fully legal. Oppose forcing religiously-affiliated institutions to provide abortions (not contraception).

Crime, Drugs, Prostitution and such: Sex offenders get LWOP if over 16, rehab if under. Death penalty only for murder. Oppose 'war on drugs', support legalization, taxation. Legalize, heavily regulate prostitution

Guns: Support right to keep, but not bear in public. Only small arms. No hunting.

Immigration: Fully support legalized immigration. Oppose illegal immigration, but think we should just force everyone through legally.

Euthanasia: Support.

Foreign Policy:

Support war only to directly defend America or to support freedom from tyranny (e.g. Syria). Friendly with free countries. Support Palestinian state.

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« Reply #679 on: February 28, 2012, 07:08:51 PM »


Welfare: Government subsidies to the unemployed should focus more on in-kind benefits that can only be used for specific designated purposes. Conditions of welfare should include the recipients to find a job or begin some sort of education program with in a set time of receiving their first welfare payment. Education and job placement should be the main focus of welfare programs.

Education: Teachers should awarded based on performance, which should be measured based on a combination of teachers evaluations and student test scores. Should should not be funded primarily on property tax because puts children in poor neighborhoods at a systemic disadvantage. In addition school voucher should be an option presented to parents in failing school districts.

Health care: I support a universal health care system, however I recognize that a true universal system is unattainable in the short term.  Medicare and Medicaid Programs should be made secondary insurance (instead of the current system where medicare/medicaid money is used first and remaining costs are covered by other methods) for anyone who already has insurance.  Doing this saves government money and doesn't change the quality of care for anyone.

Trade/Outsourcing: Support fair trade

Support the government bail-out of the auto-industry.
Support lowering the corporate tax rate while closing loopholes
Support financial regulation of wall street, without crippling it

Support investing more in offshore drilling
Support investing in nuclear drilling
Support Keystone Pipeline
Support giving initiatives to companies that use alternative fuel sources.
Long term goal is to be energy independent

Wages: The minimum wage should be high enough that if a person works full time they should be able to afford the costs of living like rent, day care, and food.


Gay rights: I'm gay, so I don't think I really need to explain this one.

Abortion: I support abortion up to week 24 for any reason. Beyond that I think abortion should be restrained to health of the mother, rape, incest and other extenuating situations.

Crime:Support the death penalty only in cases with extenuating factors and aggregating factors.

Drugs: Oppose 'war on drugs' and support the decriminalization of marijuana.

Prostitution: Support the legalization and regulation of prostitution.

Guns: Support the right to own guns in the home, but not the right to bear in public.  Support rifle rights for hunting purposes.

Immigration: Support the dream act, support revamping the immigration system to make legal immigration easier.  Oppose illegal immigration.

Euthanasia: Support with proper regulatory and consent mechanisms in place.

Foreign Policy/ Military:
Support wars directly involved in the defense of the United States and operations involved in supporting human rights.

Support a separate Palestinian state.

Oppose the Cuban trade embargo.

Support training a smaller more specialized and modern military.
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« Reply #680 on: February 28, 2012, 08:09:32 PM »

My God, Harry, are we the same person?
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« Reply #681 on: February 28, 2012, 11:49:41 PM »
« Edited: March 20, 2012, 09:01:48 PM by ChairmanSanchez »

Overall Philosophy-Libertarian, Goldwaterite. I also hold several other views, mainly leaning towards the far right. I am a "Powellite" too.

Abortion-Its a states right, with each state setting its own policy. However, I do support a Federal ban on citizens getting abortions across state lines, and parental notification.

Affirmative Action-All "equality" laws take the issue and flip it. Multiculturalism is a failure, and as long as the Jim Crow laws are gone, nothing else should be changed. Whites are no better then Blacks and vice-versa.

Death Penalty support it on a state level, not on a Federal Level. As a Floridian, I think the state should only kill murderers of Women, and Children. I support death for serial rapists, though that should not be a actual law. On a Federal level, only foreign (not even domestic) terrorist should receive it.

Drugs-Marijuana can be legal on a state level. Taxed too.

Euthanasia-If you want to kill yourself, swallow a bunch of aspirins or something. I cant believe this is a serious issue.

Gun Rights-Any one should be able to own a gun, no questions asked. And I support private militias, as long as they do not engage in terrorism.

Immigration-Amnesty to all Illegals who join the army, lived here 5 years, have no criminal record and speak English. Those who dont, should be deported. Illegals caught in the country, or attempting to enter the country, should be turned back. Those caught on our side, should be detained and released. Put the Army on the border.

Gay Marriage personally oppose it, but its a State Right that should be decided by referendum.

Prostitution-State Right, but I wouldn't oppose it being legal. Its not relevant anyway.

Separation of Church and State-I believe everyone should be allowed to practice any religion, freely, though I stress that American IS a Christian country, and that "Under God" should remain in the Pledge, on the Money, and in the courts. Remeber, "Under God" can be anyones God...

Stem Cell Research- I dont support abortion, and I wish babies didnt have to get aborted, but I want their lives to be worth something if they are, so Stem Cell research is only fair. If it can cure Cancer, and my little brothers Autism, then I support it 100%

Education support abolishing the Department of Education, and laying it out among the states. I support public education.

Energy-America needs to get off foreign oil, and drill our own. Even though I am Libertarian, I am not opposed to a state run oil company, so we dont get robbed at the pump. Then again, we could buy cheap gas from friendly countries like Brazil, and if they try to screw us, we just pull a Teddy Roosevelt and send a couple of battleships......Also, Global Warming is a total myth.

Economy-a flat tax on all income brackets, and raised tariffs. We need to pull out of NAFTA, stop handing out money to failing corporations, abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve, and even go back to the Gold Standard. Maybe then our money will be worth something.

Healthcare- I support a basic form of Universal Healthcare, but it cant be like Canada or Britains systems. I wouldnt mind seeing a more successful (and altered) form of Romneycare. Obscure is a watered down peace of garbage. The Individual mandate is forcing people to buy Health Insurance. That doesn't do anything! Maybe we could have UHC if we decided to stop treating illegals for free.....

Social Justice-Unemployment checks on a State level, perhaps, but those recipients should receive drug test (not through that crook Scotts company though)..I support Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, though they need reform.

Taxation-Flat Tax on all income brackets. Tariffs on imports.

United Nations-Pull out, now! They cause problems, and expect the US to clean it up.

War-Avoid it at all cost, be non-interventionist as much as possible. Still, its necessary sometimes.

WMDS-The US should have a nuclear arsenal, and it is every countries choice to have them, if they can afford it. Now, Iran, and NK, they need to be controlled. They wont use there nukes for defensive purposes.
I am horrified at myself regarding some of my old views. I went through a semi White Nationalist phase for a while, yet, I never recognized it. I mean, seriously, WTF at this post? I cannot believe I was ever as bad as I am now, but, apparently I was.
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« Reply #682 on: February 29, 2012, 01:46:38 AM »

On the Issues: (using American issues)
Abortion: Life is given us by the God. Only allow abortion in cases where the mother's life is at risk. Ban partial-birth abortion.

Goverment Spending: Deficit spending should be outlawed as overall government spending is reduced to minimal levels. Use less - receive more.

Education: School vouchers for everybody. Get the federal government out of education completely!

Energy: Reduce dependence from oil and coal, especially foreign. More research on alternate energy sources.

Enviroment: The environment is very important. Find market based solutions to environmental problems so our children can live in a clean and safe country.

Gun control: Any gun control legislation is an attack to safety of people. No restrictions on firearms!

Healthcare: The health care system should be completely private, it isn't a responsibility of the federal government.

Immigration: Stop all immigration completely. Deport illegal aliens and build massive security fence on Mexican and Canadian borders. Accept a detailed plan to fight illegal border crossing.

Defense Spending: Defense spending should be reduced so as to focus on other things. No overseas deployments without a reason.

Iran: We should prepare to attack Iran but be sure that we have the proper intelligence. Current regime is too radical and dangerous to own nuclear programme.

Military Intervention: We should intervene when our national interests are threatened. NO to resource wars!

Role of Goverment: The smaller and less activist the Government, the better the country. Government can run the military, the police, and the courts - that's it.

Trade: We need to encourage businesses to do whatever is necessary to generate profit, but consider new free trade deals VERY carefully and create incentives to keep jobs at home.

Tax Rates: A single rate flat tax for citizens, and a very low tax rate for corporations, but eliminate all loopholes and remove all small hidden taxes.

Marriage: Marriage is between a man and a woman. Support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.

Social Security: Let workers privately invest all retirement payments. Social Security System as now is a complete joke and should be reformed.

Unions: Unions are undermining our economy by blackmailing companies to overpay their workers. Find a solution to balance labor demands with business concerns.

War at Terror: We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism, but NO to limiting civil liberties at home.
Also I agree with Pat Buchanan and european nationalists on a Islamofascism and Culture War.
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« Reply #683 on: February 29, 2012, 10:20:54 AM »

I am horrified at myself regarding some of my old views. I went through a semi White Nationalist phase for a while, yet, I never recognized it. I mean, seriously, WTF at this post? I cannot believe I was ever worst then I am now, but, apparently I was.

It's okay. I definitely think you've changed in positive ways even since I've been here, and I've only been here for a little under a year.
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« Reply #684 on: February 29, 2012, 11:35:03 AM »

I'm not going to list out a bunch of positions like I'm some candidate for elective office, because that's silly and pointless. In terms of my political beliefs, Lewis Trondheim's characterization of me as an Islamic socialist seems entirely accurate, and everything I believe springs logically from that. The most direct application of religion is in the fight against avarice; there is a pressing religious duty to oppose those who would redefine greed as a positive good in gross violation of the Word of God. I am an internationalist, of course; American exceptionalism as a belief is thoroughly repulsive. I am for democracy and against imperialism in all its forms, both direct and indirect. It happens that the gospel of neoliberalism has massively broadened the appeal thereof; it is imperialism for everyone, and it allows everyone to wet their beaks at the expense of far-off lesser peoples. Of course, it too is founded upon the idea that greed is good. Perhaps it is an immovable force that shall drag all of us in its wake; yet we must stand against the tide of history if that is so, that we may halt or slow it if only for a moment.
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« Reply #685 on: March 01, 2012, 10:20:04 AM »

Abortion: Overturn Roe v. Wade and allow the states legislate abortion as they see fit.

Government Spending: Cut cut cut cut cut. And, furthermore, cut. We need to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

Education: Significantly revamp or do away with the federal Department of Education and hand education back to states/school districts. Promote vouchers, charter schools, etc.

Energy: Drill, baby, drill. Also, we need to find a way to promote market-based investment in alternative fuels. Maybe a carbon tax?

Environment: Again, we need to find market based solutions to keep our environment clean. The EPA needs to be significantly revamped, if not done away with entirely.

Gun control: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Healthcare: Repeal ObamaCare, allow interstate competition between companies, etc., etc.

Immigration: Build border fences, but give illegals a chance to assimilate.

Defense Spending: Focus on our own defense, and not on that of fully competent allies like Germany. Root out as much waste as possible.

Iran: We definitely need to be prepared if need be.

Military Intervention: Intervention should occur only when our nation's security is threatened directly by the actions of another nation.

Role of Goverment: To keep the people safe, basically.

Trade: Free trade is definitely a good thing, but outsourcing should be discouraged.

Tax Rates: A flat tax rate of 10% for those making under $250,000/year, and 20% for those making above $250,000/year.

Marriage: Marriage is fundamentally a legal covenant, and should be between any two individuals who love each other. However, it shouldn't be a national issue. States should be able to define marriage as they see fit.

Social Security: Let people opt out, or hold private accounts if they so choose.

Unions: I suppose right-to-work. Also, government employees should have no right to unionize.

War at Terror: At this point...no.
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« Reply #686 on: March 11, 2012, 03:07:36 AM »

Social Issues: Socially Conservative, Traditional Mindset.

Abortion: I support overturning Roe v. Wade, and believe Abortion should be banned federally in all cases, except when a mother's life is endangered. Life is truly of G-d's sacred gifts to humanity, and I refuse to believe it's a woman's "right to choose."

Gay Rights: I oppose the legalization of gay marriage on a federal (or any) level. I am a supporter of traditional marriage (man and woman), but I am very wary of the "Gays will destroy the family" crap. I just don't see marriage as a right, it's a religious tradition. In fact, I do not believe marriage should be a government issue. I believe only atheists or agnostics should receive marriage licenses from the federal government (as they aren't believers of G-d, obviously.) I believe we need to give marriage decisions up to the churches, and synagogues, and mosques, etc... (However, if a federal ban was proposed in Congress or a state ban in a state legislature, I'd vote for it.) Also, a federal ban does not need to be a constitutional amendment! I would oppose a constitutional amendment!)

I oppose the federal legalization of gay adoption. This is a state issue.

I long supported DADT, but I would've voted to repeal it because after further analysis, I believe that a dishonorable discharge is not an acceptable form of punishment for one's sexuality.

Drugs: I support the War on Drugs, and oppose the legalization of marijuana (medical or causal use) on any level. I do think that DEA and FDA need to be reformed, aswell as the overall concept of the War on Drugs. There are clear failures that NEED to be addressed, and fixed.

Prostitution: I oppose the legalization of prostitution. I would support a federal ban, as I believe this practice is obscene, and just plain wrong. Not from a moral angle, but from a health angle.

Separation of Church and State: Look, there should be a reasonable separation from religion and government. Like, there shouldn't be a "Federal church" or a "official religion". But, G-d shouldn't be shunned from American politics or society. America was built on Judeo-Christian values (not through the Constitution, but through the thoughts, and beliefs of the masses), and that shouldn't be considered a negative. I support the inclusion of G-d in our pledge of allegiance, and the inclusion of "In G-d we trust" on currency, and license plates. I believe the religious minorities, and the non-religious have rights, but so does the majority. If you don't believe in G-d, that's fine, but the use of G-d in our pledge or the discussion of G-d in society will not force you to. I'm Jewish, and the large impact that Christianity has in my society does NOT impact me or make me feel uncomfortable. Freedom OF religion is NOT Freedom FROM religion.

Contraception and Sex: I support the use of contraception in American society. It's better to have safe sex, then to abort. Sex's main purpose is to reproduce, but it's also meant to have fun as well. (I know I just made the Abstinence lobby flip a sh**). Live free, Party hard I say. However, my support for contraception DOES NOT extend to President Obama's ridiculous order that forces religious institutions to provide contraception. Religion shouldn't dominate government, but government shouldn't dominate religion either! Also, buy the contraception yourself! Seriously! People think abortion is ok, but believe it's an "outrage" for someone to buy their own condom, or birth control pills. That's like saying Big Brother should provide free beer.

Immigration/ Language Issues: I support legal immigration, as my sister, and I are children of immigrants. However, I strongly oppose illegal immigration. Amnesty is immoral. My parents worked extremely hard to become citizens. I support SB 1070, and oppose most of the DREAM Act. I oppose the section of the DREAM Act that allowed illegals to go to college or get gov't aid for college. There are Americans who can't get aid for college, and Americans should always come before noncitizens. However, I do support that part that would allow Illegals to become citizens by joining and serving in the U.S. Military. I also oppose the Guest Worker program for only one reason, it creates this group of "second class citizens." Also, I oppose loosing requirements (as a whole) for becoming a legal citizen. Lots of other countries have much stricter guidelines than we do, just look at Mexico itself! Also, I support making English the official language of the USA.

Crime/ Death Penalty: I strongly support the death penalty, but I am not hungry for death! We need to use it only when we are certain of someone's guilt, and for serious crimes! (Murder, Rape, Molestation, Treason, Terrorism etc..). I don't get how the DP is still an issue...

The 2nd Amendment: I am a strong supporter of the NRA, and gun rights. Only type of Gun Control I support is to ban felons from getting weapons. I oppose the semi automatic hand gun ban.

Alcohol: Um...I'm going to be a college student starting August, so...can we lower it to 18? Tongue No, but seriously, I'd support making it 18 on a state level.

Stem Cell Research: I support adult stem cell research, but oppose embryonic stem cell research.

Non Physician-Assisted Suicide: Yea, I oppose this. It's still murder even if someone gives you permission. This is immoral.

Euthanasia: This is a state issue. I honestly, and personally do not support it, but...if someone is on life support and has no chance of recovering...well, than...I don't know. It violates a physicians' Hippocratic oath, and it's immoral, so I guess I'd oppose if I was a state legislator. I just don't see it as a humane option.

Economics, and Fiscal Issues: Very Conservative, Pro-Capitalist.

Taxes: I oppose FairScam (FairTax), it just wouldn't work! I'm not a fan of the 16th amendment, but come on guys! I support a Flat Tax system of either 10% or 15%, anything above that I would oppose strongly. I would exempt certain people from this of course, like the very very very poor (less than $30,000 would be like 5%-9%, and no taxes for anyone making less than $20,000? I don't know. I'd have to do some math on this.) I oppose the estate, and luxury taxes. They should be pretty much eliminated. I also oppose the corporate tax (national and state) and think it should be drastically lowered or eliminated completely.

Healthcare: I oppose Obamacare or any form of Universal Healthcare/ Single payer system. I want Obamacare repealed in nearly in it's entirety. The only portion of it that I like is, that fast food joints have to show their ingredients. My sister has allergies  to milk and diary products, and having those ingredients shown are a big help for us when we eat out. Also, I believe in a private health care system except when it comes to medicare, and the really poor.

Energy/Oil: As others have said: Drill, Drill, Drill! I support offshore drilling AND the Keystone Pipeline. I want us to get away from foreign oil! Let's start by drilling in Alaska! Let's create GREAT alliances with our allies like Canada!

The Environment: I support a great economy over environmentalism. I don't believe in man made global warming/ climate change or even non-man made global warming or climate change. If I were an elected official I would not punish businesses with ridiculous regulations. Also, either eliminate the EPA, or smack the sh** out of it so it wouldn't continue to be such a bureaucratic mess. Economic productivity > a endangered snowy owl. Nuff said.

Labor Unions and Teachers Unions: Enough with this corrupt spending spree that the Unions have been enjoying for the last few decades. They destroyed cities like Detroit with their power hunger. I support Right-To-Work laws, and I support allowing companies to De-Unionize. However, I don't support banning unions. I don't think Strikes should be treated as if they are untouchable. After a certain period productivity needs to return...Also, teachers' unions need to be shut up. They have to much power, and make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to fire teachers who are just not fit for their jobs!

Affirmative Action: I oppose it, it's reverse discrimination and just useless. Businesses don't care about prejudices (well, most of them don't lol), they care about making money and hiring the BEST candidate for their vacant positions.

Government Spending: Cut, Cut, and CUT! The government's credit card needs to be taken away and locked up! It's as simple as that.

Trade: I oppose protectionism, but I also oppose letting our jobs leave our shores. I say cut or eliminate national or state corporate taxes, and any other taxes that Uncle Sam created.   Remove pointless regulations, and reining the unions.

Education: Hey, here's an idea! Let's let the state governments deal with their education systems more! We keep funneling funds to our schools, yet nothing really changes...I'm not completely for destroying the Department of Education yet, but I believe their  role needs to be minimized as much as possible. I support private vouchers, and zoning laws.

Balanced Budget Amendment: I support this strongly. We really need to stop the fed from spending so much, it's just scary to see how much we really spend on CRAP.

Social Security: Let people opt out, or hold private accounts if they so choose.

Foreign Policy: Hawkish.

War on Terror: I support it strongly. Terrorism is a real threat to our country, and to the world.

Afghanistan: I support this war, but Obama's mishandling of the war (especially the whole Koran burning incident) have made me lose faith in it...

Iraq: We did what we came to accomplish, now let's go home.

Iran: I really wish we could invade them or just smack 'em around, but not right now. Let Israel handle them.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict: I'm  a strong supporter of Israel, and oppose any two state solutions right now. The Palestinians clearly don't want peace while Israel still exists. That, and they are run by Hamas...sooooo....yea, No...

Israel: I support Israel strongly, and support our ally in any of their pursuits.

Defense: We need to cut our defense department, and make it more efficient. (By cut I mean get rid of useless programs in it.) I support a VERY STRONG national defense.

U.S. Military: I love our men and women in Uniform!

Thats all for now.
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« Reply #687 on: March 11, 2012, 11:29:17 AM »

Overall: Anarchist-leaning Libertarian Capitalist

Social Issues: Far Left Liberal/Hardcore Libertarian

Abortion: I believe abortion should be legal until the beginning of the third trimester. I oppose "Partial Birth" abortions and I oppose federal funding to abortion. I believe I, as a man, have no place to tell a woman what to do with her body, but if she does not choose to have an abortion before her third trimester, she's waited too long. Sometime in the third trimester is when I believe the baby is a living being, and therefore is protected under the Constitution.

Gay Rights: I oppose legislating gay rights issues on a federal level, as I believe it is up to the individual states. I am a fervent supporter of gay rights and would love to see gay marriage legal in all 50 states. I believe anyone who says "gay marriage would destroy the sanctity of marriage" is an idiot, as straight couples are doing just that while gay marriage is still illegal in a majority of states. The straight people that cheat on their spouses are the ones that are ruining the sanctity of marriage and ruining the "traditional" family, not the gay couples who want to be treated equally. I believe gay adoption is a state issue. I also oppose DADT.

Drugs: I support decriminalizing every drug on federal level. This is where I believe the 10th Amendment is null and void. A single state cannot have a "war on drugs" while others do not. I  support the federal Government regulating, taxing and controlling the sales of all drugs (marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.) just like alcohol and cigarettes are controlled. This way, people can buy drugs that they know are not laced with other dangerous things. The drug war is racist towards minorities.

Prostitution: I support legalizing prostitution on a state level. I believe it is one's choice to have sex with whomever they please.

Separation of Church and State: This country was founded on the idea of separating church and state. Religion and politics do not coincide, as not everyone in this country is of the same religion. To involve religion in politics terrifies me, especially with fundamentalist Christians running amok trying to return us to the 1500's with our social policy.

Contraception: I support a woman's right to use birth contraception. If you don't like birth control, don't use it. Simple as that.

Immigration: I support legal immigration. I have a soft spot in my heart for immigrants who want to live in this country, but have to come here illegally because the process takes too long, but I cannot say that I support allowing anyone to break the law. I support making the immigration process simpler and quicker, allowing for an easier path to citizenship. I support guest worker programs as well.

Death Penalty: I strongly oppose the death penalty. State-sanctioned killing is wrong and should not be allowed. People who use the old "having a criminal sit in jail for life costs so much money out of my pocket to pay for their meals blah blah blah" argument don't understand that when a criminal gets executed, the amount of appeals made afterward are enough to cost you as much, if not more tax dollars to pay for legal fees.

2nd Amendment: As a Constitutionalist, I strongly support the 2nd Amendment, but with some restrictions. I don't believe the founding fathers would support the idea of allowing anyone to own a gun, especially if they saw our crime rates. I support background checks before buying guns and outlawing certain bullets that would cause fatal harm to another human being. I also support putting safety locks on every gun to prevent accidents.

Alcohol: Should be legislated on a state level, but I support lowering the drinking age to 18.

Stem Cell Research: I support embryonic stem cell research, as well as adult stem cell research. This research could lead to curing diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc.

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: If a person chooses to be "put to sleep," to end their suffering, so be it. I believe it is one's right to choose whether or not to continue fighting.

Education: Legislate education on the state level. I believe increasing federal education spending has done nothing to improve test scores, therefore, I oppose it. I support a voucher system, with slight bias towards public schools to keep them afloat. Also allow states to write their own curriculum and allow parents to opt into a different class if they don't want their child in a specific class.

Affirmative Action: I believe Affirmative Action is a noble cause, but is reverse discrimination. I don't support giving someone more of an opportunity than anyone else, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Economic Issues: Lasseiz-Faire/Anarchocapitalist

Taxes: In my perfect world, there would be a 0% tax rate across the board. However, this can't happen in the "real" world, therefore I support taxes being as low as physically possible. I support a Flat Tax rate across the board, this being the only tax we'd pay (other than "sin" taxes.) No sales tax.

Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare and allow for competition over state lines. A Government takeover of healthcare is an even larger intrusion into the lives of personal citizens.

Energy: I support drilling domestically for oil whilst also finding more energy-efficient resources. I love my fluorescent light bulb in my room, so I'd support using more of those, but without the mandate. People should be allowed to buy incandescent light bulbs as well. I support using nuclear and solar energy as well. Free market competition will drive down costs and jobs will be created. We have to ween ourselves off of foreign oil.

The Environment: I support protecting our environment (see energy policy) but I do not believe that Global Warming is an imminent threat, nor is it man made. The rise in temperatures are normal as per weather maps over the past 100 years.

Unions: I support one's right to be in a union, but I do not support unions having the amount of power they have now. Unions exist only to protect worker safety and negotiate reasonable pay. I also don't support protecting worker's jobs during strikes. The jobs have to be done. This is especially true in terms of schools. If teachers decide to go on strike, someone has to teach the kids.

Government Spending: The amount of money the federal Government spends is far too high. Cuts must be made across the board and we must introduce a Balanced Budget Amendment to make sure spending doesn't get out of control. When I say I support cuts across the board, I mean everywhere. Defense included.

Free Trade: I support protectionism in some cases, but I believe free trade is a better way to go. Trading with countries is good, as it improves relations and diplomacy outlets. Economic globalization is good. Fair trade coffee is really good, though.

Social Security: Privatize it. Government doesn't handle things well to begin with.

Bailouts: I oppose Corporate Welfare. Allow businesses to fail if they can't balance their own budget. Failure is a potential consequence of starting a business. Government is prone to mess these things up, anyway.

Foreign Policy: Hardcore Dove/Non-Interventionist

War on Terror: You cannot fight a war against an idea.

War in general: Almost always a bad idea. Leads to big Government, un-needed military causalities and causes animosity between the countries involved.

Iraq: We never should've gotten involved.

Iran: We should not get involved.

Afghanistan: See Iraq.

Israel: Israel is a big boy and can fight it's own battles.

Nation-building: No.

Defense Spending: Cut it.

Other Issues

Role of Government: I am a fervent supporter of Government being as small as physically possible. Government should only exist to legislate on behalf of the people and should be viewed as the servant of the people, not the master. In my ideal world, there would be no Government. Individuals would have power over the individual, but the society at large would work together. No, that is not a component of "Pure Communism," because humans are naturally inclined to help each other. If both Pure Anarchy and Pure Communism were to be enacted, one would never be able to tell the difference between the societies.

Anything else?
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Basic Foundations:

The state is a tool for promoting the long-term happiness of its subjects, a role requiring management of interpersonal and intergroup forms of conflict (namely over strategically advantageous, privilege-conveying capital) in accordance to the moral values of society. Those values are rooted in human evolution, manifest as intuitive feelings about what is right or wrong, and are subject to some variation from person to person due to our diverse environments, experiences, perceptions of reality, and - as a contributing factor - genes.

I prefer to conceptualize the state as a person who citizens consul to adopt their own sets of virtues and vices, with the cumulative result of their influences exerted representing a fair equilibrium of values worthy of being described as the country’s moral character. If regimes stray too far from the ideal character of the nation, the masses will feel oppressed no matter how supportive of “freedom,” “equality,” or “justice” their leaders claim to be. In contrast, most folks will not feel oppressed by rules if their contents are deemed moral.

If everybody tries to project their moral values onto the state using institutions considered legitimate the results should be respected - even if the outcomes involve policies based on perceptions of righteousness that diverge from ones own. I do my part by embracing and promoting the one political attitude and five ideologies I believe would best regulate our conflicts of interest so as to ethically resolve emerging problems and bring about a better future for all members of society. Although I am not truly a paragon of the virtues I most value, habitualizing them to serve as guides for my behavior is an important goal of mine.

Attitudinal Conflict:

This is a conflict of interest concerning how countries should evolve.

As a vanguard, I believe those citizens who best understand matters of who should get what in society and why should provide an elite tier of leadership for folks who do not - advancing a righteous ideological agenda by teaching it to other people and replacing the current, prevailing moral system with a new, visionary, superior replacement as swiftly and pragmatically as possible without in the process resorting to corrupt, unnecessarily violent, or otherwise vicious conduct. This approach is courageous yet also intemperate.

Otherwise, I could be fairly labeled a hard progressive or soft radical.

Structural Conflict:

This is a conflict of interest about how to mediate political disputes.

My take on solidarism is to establish political institutions which promote constitutional republicanism, secular government, and interdependency betwixt people while lowering the threat of anomie via overt state support for social cohesion. The game that is politics should be open for all to safely partake in, and individuals should enjoy a broad array of social rights, but we must also be careful not to allow pervasive individualism to threaten the bonds that hold us together. A moderate balance of vigilance and discipline is proper.

Using more familiar terms, I am a republican, liberal, and corporatist.

Productive Conflict:

This is a conflict of interest regarding resource trade and distribution.

To me, socialism is having a market economy that rewards merit in proportion to ones contributions to society, allows for enough state intervention to account for externalities, features workplace democracy in the form of worker-owned cooperatives, and distributes resources in such a way as to enshrine human dignity, decrease inequality of opportunity, and resolve material disputes with moral integrity. Selfishness and competitiveness have important roles to play in business but so, too, should fairness, cooperation, and kindness. Some ambition will end up sacrificed in the pursuit of compassion.

Consider me either a hard social democrat or soft democratic socialist.

Generational Conflict:

This is a conflict of interest about sustainable economic development.

Within my interpretation of personism, humans are not an exceptional species meriting special treatment. All creatures and machines deserve rights according to their degrees of personhood. Resources should be managed with our own interests in mind but long-term goals take precedent, because the needs of other critters and future generations of human beings trump in importance our often needlessly impulsive, exploitative, and extravagant short-term desires. Nature is sacred and responsibility more important than magnificence.

I.e., I extend humanist reasoning to all critters and am a “bright green.”

Conventional Conflict:

This conflict of interest concerns social values, norms, and diversity.

I am a multiculturalist insofar as I think people should be able to develop identities and engage in customs that do not wrong others without their consent. Instead of encouraging assimilation or partaking in cultural imperialism the state should accommodate, celebrate, and show respect for diverse groups, beliefs, and lifestyles. Rather than taking this line of thought to an individualist extreme, I reckon we should emphasize civic nationalism and stress that out of a diverse many we are one. This is more about modesty than reverence.

Alternatively, I could be described as a hardline “cultural pluralist.”

Extraterritorial Conflict:

This conflict of interest is centered wholly on international relations.

Cosmopolitanism holds that all people are part of a single, extended moral community even though many of our customs, beliefs, and national interests differ. The wellbeing of people in ones own nation is not more important than that of people in others, and with this recognition comes a duty to honor human rights and fight in their defense whenever and wherever they are imperiled. States should empathetically weigh and act to advance the interests of all, and aim to gradually, peacefully coalesce into a globalized country. It's about setting aside some national assertiveness to be nice neighbors.

It would also be fair to call me a world federalist and constructivist.

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Social Issues

Abortion: Basically support Roe v. Wade as it is - abortions fully legal up to a point of viability - probably around the 3rd trimester. However, I'm very skeptical in killing babies if they survive abortion. Put them up for adoption or something if they do survive.

Gay Rights: Basically should have the same rights as heterosexuals. Those that don't support it are idiots, or worse. It's discrimination at it's finest.

Drugs: Support legalising 'soft' drugs such as cannabis. In reality however it's the dealers, not the users that are the problem. Drugs really should be decriminalised, and people charged with drug offences should take rehab rather than being thrown in jail.

Prostitution: Legalised. I don't care what someone wants to do in their spare time.

Separation of Church and State: A solid democracy must be secular. Having religion involved in it can lead to some very bad things!

Contraception: Anyone wanting to ban this needs to go back to the 18th Century.

Immigration: Mostly legal. Illegal immigration is a problem, but not an extremely serious one, and there is no real way to prevent this from happening. So as long as they perform background checks, there should be no major way from preventing someone into the country.

Death Penalty:
Illegal except in very extreme circumstances. A lot of executions are done without the premise of "beyond any doubt". "Beyond reasonable doubt" is fine for other sentences, but you shouldn't kill anyone unless they committed a terrorist act or genocide, and you know they did it. I support 3 strikes, but not mandatory sentences.

2nd Amendment: Banning guns altogether is unconstitutional, but there should be restrictions. People with mental health issues or criminal records regarding violent crime should not be allowed to hold guns, and there needs to be background checks on this.

Alcohol: Australia's laws are fine. In America, the drinking age should be 18.

Stem Cell Research: Access, access, access! It can lead to cures to major diseases!

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
: Should be legal. I don't see why people should be refused to end their lives if they don't want to live anyone and can't do it themselves. I would, however, restrict to people with disabilities or terminal illnesses, as everyone else just commits suicide anyway.

Affirmative Action: Don't support it on gender based grounds or racial based grounds. But I do support it on socio-economic grounds.

Smoking Bans: Support in public places and bans for under 18's.

Economic issues

Education: A healthy education is an important part of society. While private schools have their place, all education up to high-school level should be free and compulsory. Ideally I'd make university free too, or at least subside to some extent, too. Vouchers should not be accessible to the wealthy at least, but I do support merit-based pay, so as long as schools are on an equal playing field, and it is done by socio-economic status rather than by full performance, as that favours wealthy areas by default.

Taxes: Very progressive tax system. The poor should pay little tax (like 10%), the rich should pay a lot (like 60%). Get rid of a lot of loopholes too, and introduce things like capital gains and assets taxes, which are probably better for improving income inequity.

Environment: If we don't act now, by the time I die, this world may be ****ed. Policies such as cap-and-trade and strong environmental legislation are good policies.

Social Security: Should still exist and be kept in government hands, but also introduce superannuation and increase the retirement age up to 70.

Unions: Right-to-work laws are stupid. Without unions, imagine how horrible work would be?

Health Care: Something like Canada's system, where the government pays for health care, but the doctors work privately (is this single-payer) would go good. In fact, this would be helpful for businesses, as they don't need to provide health care plans for their workers.

Energy: Invest in renewable energy, and try and move away from coal and oil. I would consider nuclear power, but put plants away from areas with a lot of people.

Welfare: Make sure that welfare recipients are actively looking for work, but if they are, give them a wage where they can live off, even if uncomfortably.

Free Trade: Strongly support it. Protectionism is stupid. However, I would make sure that the countries interests are first.

Space Exploration: Research whether terraforming another planet or finding more livable planets is feasible. Allow private companies, assuming they want to, to help with this though.

Foreign Issues

Military Spending: Reduce it. That sector is way bloated.

Diplomacy/Sanctions: Should be our main option for resolving international conflicts. War should be a last resort.

Israel: Make a two-state solution and stop Israel from having the same power as they have now.

Syria: Offer assistance to the rebellion. Don't go to war in Syria though - Russia and China are too dangerous.

Afghanistan: Withdraw combat troops but keep some there to maintain stability.

Terrorism: Support what Obama is doing now.

Electoral Issues/Government

Voting Regulations: Felons should be allowed to vote if they are out of jail. Voter ID laws are stupid, and are mostly used to disenfranchise Democrat voters (I know I'm exaggerating, but it seems like the truth). Move election day to a weekend so that voter turnout can reach a maximum.

The Senate: Get rid of the filibuster.

Electoral College: Don't really mind it actually, though the popular vote would be better, or even by congressional district.

Gerrymandering: Should be illegal. Districts should be drawn as fairly as possible, without any form of partisan influence.
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Social Issues

Abortion: I think abortion should be legal in the United States; I'm not sure I buy the 'it's part of the mother' argument; but I certainly buy the 'it isn't a person' argument.

Gay Rights: I really think what someone does in the bedroom is none of my business. When it comes to marriage, I would probably support gay marriage on a referendum or something if it came to that, but I would rather the government not be involved in such things.

Drugs: Depends on the individual drug in question; some rather incongruous views on this topic. I totally support legal marijuana, but conversely I think tobacco should be totally illegalized. I would probably support a general amnesty of those with no history of felonies other than drug usage (and marijuana dealership), but not dealership of dangerous drugs (heroin, cocaine -- tobacco should be added to this list) is a real crime that hurts real people that deserves real jail time. Those who are caught using such dangerous drugs would be made to go through some sort of rehab, though I haven't weighed this issue in the spectre of 'how much would all this s**t cost' -- maybe the government should just let them be.

Prostitution: It should be legal, but there should be some significant government oversight to ensure abuse doesn't happen and prostitutes don't spread STDs.

Separation of Church and State: A very solid secularist.

Contraception: Should be legal, of course.

Immigration: As the child of recent immigrants, I'm a big fan of legal immigration, but if you are here illegally you're also probably committing Social Security fraud; it's not good that some of your first acts in the US are illegal. Legal immigration should be more widely available, however - basically anyone who wants to come, has no history of serious criminal activity, and a reasonable knowledge of American history (modern American citizenship test BOO-YAH!) should be allowed to come.

Death PenaltySad/b] Should be the penalty for murder beyond reasonable doubt.

2nd Amendment: A strong supporter. Guns are used by ordinary citizens to protect themselves from criminals; when you ban or severely restrict guns, ordinary citizens don't have any, but the criminals still do. (If you're a member of a gang, for example, what's breaking another law and getting yourself an illegal gun?)

Alcohol: Drinking age should be lowered to 16-ish.

Stem Cell Research: This sort of thing can potentially cure many now-uncurable diseases, and should be very legal.

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia[/b]: This should be restricted to people of terminal illness but sound mind, but otherwise should be legal. While I don't think it's important enough for the country to debate about it, but back in '05 I would've called for Terri Schiavo's continued survival.

Affirmative Action: No. Educational institutions and hirers should accept and hire based solely on merit and no other qualification.

Smoking Bans: As I mentioned up on drugs, totally support.

Economic issues

Education: Everyone deserves the right to a reasonably high-quality education coming from a public school system. Those with money who can afford to go to a private school (which would still have to adhere to certain federal standards; for example, all children should have to be taught about evolution), should be allowed to go ahead. Home schooling should be banned.

Taxes: I support a flat tax; I've never understood how it's fair for the poor to pay, say, 10% and for the rich to pay, say, 60% (as in the poster above me's views). That said, I am a real supporter of lowering the deficit, eventually creating a surplus, so I understand American taxes would have to be raised, though I wouldn't like it.

Environment: While the existence of global warming is certain, I've always been something of a skeptic regarding most of the policies people propose to 'fix' it. I've always liked the concept (I came up with it myself one day, though I'm sure it's been proposed elsewhere and I never noticed  -- it always turns out someone else comes up with my good ideas before me, harrumph) of using conventional bombs to set off volcanoes, which would then lower global temperature; in 1991, when Mount Pinatubo blew, scientists estimated the ash it scattered everywhere lowered global temperature by 1 degree (I can't recall Celsius of Fahrenheit). That said, we should take real steps to protect endangered species and beautiful landscapes. In the Cold War, the USSR totally trashed what had once been a beautiful country. We shouldn't let that happen to us.

Social Security: I'm not an expert, but I like the concept of privatization in general. I don't think I'm anywhere close to sufficiently knowledgeable to say anything, though.

Unions: I'm a supporter of right-to-work; if you don't want to be part of a union, why should you have to?

Health Care: Not a supporter of Obamacare; you shouldn't be forced to buy any product, even if it one any reasonable, sane person should have. I really don't think any system of universal healthcare or nationalization of the industry should be put in place.

Energy: Certainly, our coal is dirty and our oil keeps getting us into conflicts, but there are no reasonable alternatives. Wind and solar are fads - keep researching (research of everything should totally be encouraged) but I'm not hopeful. The idea of building dams and getting power out of those is a good one, but it can't be done everywhere. So there's one thing I can't stress enough: NUCLEAR POWER, ESPECIALLY PEBBLE BED REACTORS. Then put the waste in Yucca Mountain; it's as good a place as any other and we've already built a facility to store nuclear waste there anyway.

Welfare: While people are searching for a job, go ahead, but make sure they provide proof they're searching for a job and that welfare only lasts for a very limited period of time. Make sure that no one can just live off of welfare.

Free Trade: Very much depends on the situation. I think governments should have the right to impose tariffs or subsidies if they want to.

Space Exploration: I'm a big supporter of space exploration, but I am of the opinion that robotic explorers have done much more than actual people have - people just stand around and say, "Look, we're in space!" Then everyone says, "Wow," and very little of scientific value is accomplished. This is the future. Probably a very distant future, but still the future. We can't let America fall behind.

Foreign Issues

Military Spending: Make it more efficient. Pay for things the military needs. Just this simple thing would lower military spending dramatically. However, make sure the military is ready for war with anyone at any moment.

Diplomacy/Sanctions: We should use this instead of going to war, but many American doves seem to think that war is completely avoidable and diplomacy can replace it in all cases. This is not true and is in fact very blockheaded.

Israel: Israel is a staunch ally of the United States. Palestine is a staunch enemy of the United States. Even if you would want to change this (which a reasonable person wouldn't), a Palestine-US partnership would never work because Palestinians don't trust the US (almost at all), and Americans don't trust the Palestinians (vast majority), as opposed to the Israeli-American relationship, which has been going strong since the 1960s and should be at the very least maintained and in a best case scenario strengthened.

Syria: We could've militarily interfered instead of going to Libya (which was a blockheaded move), but the window for serious assistance to the rebels has passed.

Afghanistan: Uncertain about this one. On the one hand, 'the mission' (to end the Neotaliban guerilla war) is incomplete, but a much bigger threat to the US exists at Afghanistan's western border. Iran and the Taliban nearly went to war in 1998 -- the world would've been so much better today if they had...Sad

Terrorism: Obama's policy is pretty good for the most part, but there's no use to treating passengers like dangerous criminals, the way they are at airports. Just make sure airport and airplane staff are heavily armed; other than that pre-9/11 airport security levels are sufficient.

Electoral Issues/Government

Voting Regulations: Using ID cards seems reasonable to limit fraud, but it's not something I could get excited over because much fraud doesn't exist in the US. I honestly think moving voting day to a weekend would decrease turnout -- voting day has been a Tuesday since the 18th century, and I think it would just confuse voters. Voting should be quick, easy, painless, and free from corruption, fraud, and miscounting.

The Senate: The Senate is very inefficient, but I'm uncertain whether removing the filibuster is really the best option - after all, we shouldn't let a 50-50 with VP tiebreaking majority radically change public policy. Requiring 60 votes for everything is also bullsh**t. Maybe keep the filibuster, but lower the number of votes it takes to break one (down to, say, 55).

Electoral College: The US is a federal country and not a unitary state. Every state deserves its own, individual voice. Keep the present system. Not a fan of that thing that says states should cast their electoral votes for the national popular vote winner either.

Gerrymandering: Gerrymandering is bad. To fix it, I personally like shortest-splitline; even a neutral commission can't be really neutral, because after all they are people and have opinions (calling an area a 'community of interest' is, after all, an opinion - I might say it isn't). But mathematics is truly and completely neutral.
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Social:Conservative-Oppose Gun Control Support Death Penalty Pro-Life Opposes Patriot act Supports Gay Marriage.

Economic:Progressive-Strongly favor a Progressive tax the rich should pay 60-70% Poor like 5-10% Middle Class 20-25% along with a strong Corporate Tax.Strongly favor Universal Health Care & oppose Welfare Reform.
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New here, so figure this is as good a place to start as any...

Socially: Libertarian, pro-choice, pro-drug legalization, anti-censorship, pro-gay marriage, anti-death penalty, pro-prostitution legalization, pro-wall of separation of church and state, anti-affirmative action racially (though not economically), anti-hate crime (a crime is a crime), pro-more legal immigration, anti-illegal immigration, pro-stem cell research, anti-PATRIOT Act, anti-religious currencies, anti-gun control, pro-legal physician-assisted suicide, pro-legal gambling, anti-term limits, anti-public school prayer, pro-ACLU, pro-lower voting age, pro-campaign finance reform, pro-proportional representation, pro-DC statehood, anti-gerrymandering, pro-voter ID (don't really see how showing your driver's license disenfranchises anyone),

Economically: Moderate, anti-welfare, pro-union, pro-environment, pro-privatization (though not education), anti-subsidies, anti-voucher, pro-fair tax, anti-deficit, pro-tax cuts (but equally, not just the wealthy), anti-pork, anti-embargo, pro-free trade, anti-healthcare mandate, pro-minimum wage increase, anti-ANWR drilling, anti-Keystone, anti-drilling, pro-NASA,

Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist, no wars except in self-defense, bring the troops home, pro-three state solution in Palestine, anti-draft, anti-military spending, pro-UN membership, pro-reduction (not elimination) of US nuclear arsenal,

Generally reasonable positions.  Welcome to the forum.
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Yes, welcome Smiley
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I'd take nothing else to be a higher insult
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Whether it's insulting really depends on whether it means you have generally reasonable positions, or that you have enough agreeable positions and enough disagreeable ones that it averages out to reasonable.

Tongue It wasn't meant to be insulting.
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social conservatism. anti abortion, anti-gay marriage (any state marriage really but the whole concept personally annoys me), anti-gun control, anti-immigration, anti-cultural marxism and 'individualism' in general. the 1960s murdered this country.

third position economics. smash the fed and international financial parasites, credit unions are better. end 'free trade.' replace income tax with some sort of national sales tax (this doesn't have to be regressive). some deregulation and spending cuts would actually make sense but i'm very much in favor of nationalizing large portions of healthcare and oil, coal and natural gas. also i really don't like environmentalism, we need more nuclear power and i want to avoid any 'green' tax hikes or subsidization schemes to fight alleged global warming. we need more industry in general in this country.

isolationism. bring our troops home and put them at the border. we don't need to spend 6 x more than china as a country and police a bunch of countries for no reason. also we get nothing out of our 'friendship' with israel, they are a burden on the tax payers and war criminals. i consider the neocons to be israeli firsters and un-american, more so than a lot of left wingers.

against universal suffrage. there need to at least be safeguards like voter testing to screen out the incompetent and lazy. as it is democracy is a highly flawed concept even taking that into account. i don't have a very high opinion of liberal values in general, not everyone is created equal. sorry.

oh and last but not least end the stupid wars on concepts that don't do anything positive for the country like the war on drugs. the whole fake rambo mentality is pretty nauseating coming from ex-coke heads like bush and obama. not that i like drugs they are disgusting. i hate being surrounded by drug users.
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Odd philosophy...interesting Tongue
Winston Disraeli
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social conservatism. anti abortion, anti-gay marriage (any state marriage really but the whole concept personally annoys me), anti-gun control, anti-immigration, anti-cultural marxism and 'individualism' in general. the 1960s murdered this country.

Eh, i think this is our main difference. I'm generally quite libertarian except on gun rights and I think it's kinda misguided to think "cultural Marxism" has any impact left other than attempts at forcing equality

third position economics. smash the fed and international financial parasites, credit unions are better. end 'free trade.' some deregulation and spending cuts would actually make sense but i'm very much in favor of nationalizing large portions of healthcare and oil, coal and natural gas. also i really don't like environmentalism, we need more nuclear power and i want to avoid any 'green' tax hikes or subsidization schemes to fight alleged global warming. id also be in favor of the fair tax or a vat so long as it was somewhat progressive. i don't want to screw over the poor.

I agree with most of this except for promoting nuclear power which I think is good as a temporary solution but in the long term unsustainable and risky. I don't like flat taxes either.

isolationism. bring our troops home and put them at the border. we don't need to spend 6 x more than china as a country and police a bunch of countries for no reason. also we get nothing out of our 'friendship' with israel, they are a burden on the tax payers and war criminals. i consider the neocons to be israeli firsters and un-american, more so than a lot of left wingers.

Agree, though obvs. we differ on how we percieve Israel.

against universal suffrage. there need to at least be safeguards like voter testing to screen out the incompetent and lazy. as it is democracy is a highly flawed concept even taking that into account. i don't have a very high opinion of liberal values in general, not everyone is created equal. sorry.

I support democracy as a check against tyranny, but if a better system came along, sure. It'd be too dangerous to support a limited franchise again imo.

oh and last but not least end the stupid wars on concepts that don't do anything positive for the country like the war on drugs. the whole fake rambo mentality is pretty nauseating coming from ex-coke heads like bush and obama.

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I'm glad Mint posted here, because instead of having to write a post myself you can just invert every position and voila, you've got my beliefs. Tongue
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