Guidelines about what threads are appropriate on the Individual Politics Board

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To All:

First, all threads on this Board should be about politics, and not your preferences, opinions or questions about non-political issues, including geographic preferences, such as polls or discussions as which city, or nation, or National Park, or whatever you would prefer. Those threads belong in the Off Topic Board.

Probably "opinion of" threads about a race, or for that matter any ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or even of a class, are a bad idea. You see, except for perhaps rich white people, we start to get on very thin ground, particularly if someone has a negative opinion. We had/have a bit of a contretemps about a poster who arguably has a negative opinion of poor people. Report, after report, after report. Do you see where I am going with this?

So I respectfully request that such threads not be put up. If someone feels a compelling need, in a given context to do one that gets close to the line on this, I suggest you PM me first.

Outside of personal attacks, I normally am pretty much a laissez faire type Mod, and often let stuff go by, unless it is reported, and then I need to be fair to both the reporter and the reportee, and hew to policy. But on this one, I just see trouble down the road with this genre of "opinion of" threads, and I want to try to nip it in the bud, before someone gets hurt, and many get offended, and more feuds are fueled.

Thanks for listening.

Your most controversial Mod,


I deleted two posts. I take no real exception to their being made in the first instance, but they are inappropriate to remain for a long half life. Folks can make comments for feedback purposes and/or discussion or reaction or whatever, but if the post does not help elucidate or clarify the policy, or explain it, such posts will not remain as a permanent fixture on this "stickied" thread. That is the way I am balancing the competing considerations on this one.

What do you mean, we can't express any objections to your censorship?

I think what I said was quite clear, opebo. Take it elsewhere than this thread please.

So what shall we discuss on this board? Tea and crumpets?


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