Social Security Vote Delayed Until 2006

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it may be too early to predict that Bush's Social Security plan will go down in flames like the Clinton Health Care plan before it, but this doesn't bode well for him.....

Social Security Vote May Be Delayed
Critics Could Force Proposal to Change

By Mike Allen and Charles Babington
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, March 2, 2005; Page A01

The Senate's top Republican said yesterday that President Bush's bid to restructure Social Security may have to wait until next year and might not involve the individual accounts the White House has been pushing hard.

The comments of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), made as GOP lawmakers returned from a week of trying to sell the plan to voters, underscored the challenge facing the White House, especially in light of unbroken Democratic opposition.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says public forums show that "the president's message is not selling."

"In terms of whether it will be a week, a month, six months or a year, as to when we bring something to the floor, it's just too early," Frist said.

Frist is reluctant to put off a vote until 2006, when lawmakers will be focused on midterm congressional elections and the atmosphere will be more politically charged, aides said. But with polls showing widespread skepticism of Bush's proposal and some Republicans opposed to the approach, GOP leaders signaled yesterday that they may have no choice but to put off action.

That a politician as closely allied to the White House as Frist would even raise the possibility of putting off the proposal until next year -- possibly dooming it -- was an unexpected blow to the administration.

The Democrats got a spine and stood up to the Republican SS plans.
I think the Republicans are in shock.

 i hope that the leadership of the Democratic Party learns a lesson from this battle -if you stand up for your principles, the other side will buckle.   apply this lesson to other issues on which Republicans are vulnerable, like the environment, health care, and so forth, and we will be well on our way to regaining the majority.  it will be a long hard slog to final victory, but we will know that we are at least on the right track.   

The GOP are just waiting for the 66 senators in 2006.

Quote from: Richius on March 02, 2005, 03:03:00 AM

The GOP are just waiting for the 66 senators in 2006.

How about 666 Senators? Now, that would really be something.


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