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I don't often have good ideas, but I did the other day. A lot of special threads have been posted here over the years - threads good enough to count as decent general resources on the subjects they deal with. So why not make them easier to find?

Great Britain

British Elections 1918-1945
British Elections 1950-1970
British General Election constituency maps 1955-1997
U.K demographic maps
Northern Ireland thread
Politics of Edinburgh
Politics of Glasgow
London maps
Local Election Maps (mostly UK)
UK Swing Maps


Old Dail constituency maps, etc.
Gully Foyle's Ireland Place
Irish Demographic Maps


Weimar Maps I
Weimar Maps II
Weimar Maps III
Germany election maps (to 2008)
Maps of the 2009 Federal Election, including many pretty maps of results inside cities. And at an insanely detailed level (work ongoing) for Frankfurt
2013 German Federal Election - Hamburg Metro Maps (by precinct)
German Employment Maps


French Elections 1848-2010
French communes mapgasm
Random Numbers and Stats
France 2012 results thread (some maps hidden in here)
French demographic maps
Cantons of France

Other European countries

Spanish election maps
Spanish communes mapgasm
Italy election maps (old)
Italy election maps (new)
Italian communes mapgasm
Italy 2013 map thread
Bulgarian election maps
Austrian election maps
Dutch election maps
Swiss election maps


Israeli election maps


Canadian federal polling division files (old)
Canadian Demographic Maps
New Brunswick 2010 mapgasm
PEI election maps by polling station

Latin America

Colombian maps
Mexican 2012 election by comuna
Brazil election maps
Argentina 2013: Legislative Election, Primaries and assorted maps
Ecuadorian maps


South African Demographic Maps
South African Election Maps


New Zealand maps
Australian demographic maps


'Random International Maps'
Old election posters, leaflets etc.

I won't remember/spot them all at first, so mention any I've forgotten and I'll add them to the list.

Election Links




Parties and Elections in Europe


United Kingdom Election Results
NI Elections
London Elections Reports
Constituency results 1935-present


Weimar election results


Australian Electoral Commission
ABC's election page


Election Prediction Project
Every federal election result by riding


French election maps


Swedish election results
Official Swedish elections site
'' '' Norwegian elections site
Norwegian elections, 1906-1997
Official Danish elections site

Just a little note from your friendly neighbourhood dictator: all posts not to do with links have been removed (generally deleted, but the little discussion about the Whitlam decision has been preserved elsewhere).
Posts containing links will be soon-ish as well (and all links will be added to a new post, probably sorted by country and so on).

Work in progress...

True Federalist (진정한 연방 주의자):
Will this update ever finish?

Quote from: Sen. Ernest on February 14, 2007, 04:05:22 PM

Will this update ever finish?

No :P

Will Al apologize for the delay some time later this year?


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