Public Offices held by Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates

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Lincoln Republican:
I have compiled a listing of all the major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, that is, those who have actually been nominees, and some not so major, and have listed post secondary education, the military offices these nominees have held, the public offices held by these nominees, the public offices sought by these candidates but for which they were defeated, offices offered to these nominees but which were turned down by the nominee, judicial offices, and post candidacy offices.   Where applicable, I have also included business and executive offices, educational and academic  offices, and ecclesiastical offices.

I have as well made note of certain family members of the candidates, as some of these would have been influential in the public career of the candidates.

Also, I have created a section for each President and for each Vice President of the First Lady and of the Second Lady, as they often get overlooked.  

The moderator of the History board, True Federalist, has kindly agreed to stickie these details.  I believe these details could be a data base and a reference for forum members, and for anyone else who may find these details to be of interest.

My main source of reference, though not my exclusive source of reference, is Wikipedia.  You can of course see these details individually in separate articles, but in the compilation I have made here, these details are all in one place for easy reference, and are concise and address the subject at hand.

I am hoping these details will be of interest, as well as a useful resource.


John Adams was also U.S. Ambassador to The Netherlands from 1782 to 1788.

Winfield, I may be wrong, but I think Andrew Jackson served as a judge for like eight years at one point.

True Federalist (진정한 연방 주의자):
Also, as I recal, Jackson was the elected Adjutant General of Tennessee at the time of the War of 1812 which is how he came to be in command.  Used to be that many if not most States elected the head of their armed forces the same way you'd elect a sheriff or  coroner.  Now only South Carolina still elects their adjutant general.

Also, will you be attempting to add exact dates to some of these? I know for a lot of these it's very difficult to ascertain, especially with smaller offices. However, with larger offices they're easily attainable, and will give you the term beginning and end dates of certain elections. Also, I've perused some biographies that would provide certain important dates for things like Jefferson's time in VA politics.


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