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Author Topic: State Rankings (Trend)  (Read 976 times)
Skill and Chance
Concerned Citizen
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« on: July 05, 2013, 09:48:03 pm »

It's amusing to see Virginia listed as a GOP state.

How is this being assessed?  Just how the state voted relative to the nation as a whole?  If that's the case, there should be more states in the Democrat column.  The GOP has only won the popular vote once in the last 6 elections, so the country by default leans Democrat in Presidential elections and therefore voting at about the same percentage as the nation would make a state a lean Democrat state.

It would be amusing if it were the case. By barely Republican I meant reddish purple. I'll make a color chart. If a state is to the right of the popular vote, it's on the right column and if it's to the left it's on the left column. We should also only go back 4 elections because it would be even and more recent. Had Romney won, I'd say we should only go back 2 elections. I base my listings of off the least amount of presidential elections where both parties won.

Safe GOP- dark red                       Alabama
Solid GOP- red                              Texas
Likely GOP- light red                     Tennessee
Leans GOP- purplish red                North Carolina
Barely GOP- reddish purple            Florida
Toss Up- purple                            Colorado
Barely Dem- bluish purple              Pennsylvania
Leans Dem- purplish blue               Michigan
Likely Dem- light blue                    California
Solid Dem- blue                             Maryland
Safe Dem- dark blue                      New York

VA was to the left of the national popular vote last year.   Obama had 51.16% to 47.28% for Romney for Obama +3.88% vs. Obama +3.85% nationally.  In a national tie, Obama wins it by a few hundred votes.
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