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  MI-PPP: Snyder (R) gone in 2014 ?
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Author Topic: MI-PPP: Snyder (R) gone in 2014 ?  (Read 2544 times)
Concerned Citizen
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« Reply #25 on: January 30, 2013, 12:22:13 pm »

Whitmer is out, and doesn't want to face the great union busting champion Snyder.
Atlas Star
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« Reply #26 on: February 10, 2013, 11:40:35 am »

Trust me, Snyder won't run again.  Bill Schuette will win in 2014.

Yeah I'm not sure if Snyder will run. there has been speculation that he will only serve one term since he was elected.

Although according to this article he plans on running. but of course he could change his mind.

His approval ratings were quite low earlier in his term but he rebounded. But the reason they were low were do to having to make hard choices due to a huge deficit. Any governor would have had bad ratings. The drop now is due to the Right to Work and will be harder to come back from. There is still 2 years left though, we will have to see what happens. If Gary Peters runs I think Snyder will lose but against the others he may have a chance. Hopefully for him Peters runs for Senate. Also according to the same poll Right to work is opposed but only 51% oppose to 41 who support I would have though more would oppose. That is not much of a majority.

That article is over a year old, and so it doesn't take into account all the things that have happened since then.  
Those numbers for Bernero are way too high... honestly, he'd probably lose in a rematch with Snyder.

I don't think Peters has any interest in running, and Schauer doesn't have the name recognition to do it.

Whitmer would be a good candidate.

Brooks Patterson is a great county exec, but he's got way too much baggage to run for anything outside of Oakland County.

There's been talk that Fieger will run again.  If the Democrats let that happen, I could see that marking the end of Mark Brewer.
Inks, I disagree. Although it is a PPP poll (and thus is heavily biased toward Dems), Bernero would probably win because he's considered more pro-union.  But I don't think that Snyder's running, at least if he understands what's best for the GOP and the state.  If Bill Schuette wants to be Governor as badly as I hear he does, then he will probably run in 2014 (rather than wait until 2018) regardless of what Snyder does.  I would certainly vote for Schuette over Snyder in a GOP primary.  And I really don't want Gretchen Whitmer to run; I think she's just being pushed by Democrats to run and the hype surrounding her running is probably higher than the actual chance of her doing it.  She's kind of like a liberal equivalent of Sarah Palin because she draws attention and fires up the base, but she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would run for much higher office.  But maybe I'm overly optimistic here.
As for Mark Brewer, he is one of the most disgusting, vile scumbags that Michigan Democrats have ever had.  I'm not sure I want him to go, because I like having him as a punching bag.  

What's so funny about that?  In late spring/early summer of this year, PPP had polls that showed Obama leading Romney by about double digits in Colorado and Virginia.  Say what you will about those states, but there is no way Obama was ever that far ahead there.  They may have been the most accurate at the end, but they were way out in left field (literally) before then.

At some point PPP went from a "registered voters" model to a "likely voters" model. That made a huge difference in the results.

...Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans have done "sucker-punch politics" by forcing legislation unlikely to be popular in Michigan... and sure to get union activists and feminists out in full force in 2014. I would not be surprised if Snyder and the Reptilian Party try other scummy stuff like selling off the public sector to profiteers; anything is possible with such pols. 
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