Nick Berg beheading

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I was watching Frontline (I think) the other night on PBS and they had a documentary on Europe and Islamic terroism- I forget the name of the program.
On it they played audio of two terrorists listening and praying while watching the tapes- Clearly audible in the background was the screams of Nicholas Berg as his head was slowly being cut off-  I was exercising and couldn't reach the mute button-  THE most disturbing thing I have ever heard. I also know there is video of it on the internet.  How any teacher could play this in a classroom is beyond me.  Just listening to it made me want to carpet bomb the entire Mid East.  Anybody see or here the video?  Old topic but was the teacher correct in showing it? 

I heard audio of it only.  I played it off a website with my monitor off.  It was worse than seeing movies on the Holocaust.  Just imagining that guy dying slowly like that made me incredibly pissed off. 

Quote from: patrick1 on January 28, 2005, 10:56:15 PM

Old topic but was the teacher correct in showing it? 

I would say not.  That thing was absolutely disturbing, and I, as others, did not even have the stomach to watch the video feed.  You can study such a thing without actually witnessing it.

Yea I saw the tape. What disturbed me was the screaming of "Alah Akba" not necessarily the images...

He didnt have his head cut off. He had it sawed off with a very small knife. Terrible stuff.


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