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caught Bin Laden.  I don't know about the rest of the Republicans but it is really strating to piss me off that it has been over 1200 days and this piece of trash is still   alive and presumably well.  I want that F'ers head on a platter Salome style.  I don't want to hear that tripe about this being not just about one man and a larger war-  that may be true but it is a fallback position and a case of excuses and C.Y.A..  Where is the bravado of wanted dead or alive?  Bin Laden is barely even mentioned anymore.  He may be just one cog in the terrorism machine but he was most responsible for the Cole, 9/11 etc. I want justice.  If the Bush admin, FBI CIA
military et al fail to capture or kill him in the second term, I will consider the admin. a failure.   

I will not be your victim, I will not bathe in your flames:
don't you know, it was really Saddam who was behind 9/11. That's why Bush is so strong on terror!

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I was sure they were going to produce him about mid-October.  WTF was Karl Rove thinking?  Maybe they're waiting for the mid-terms...

bin Laden is in Pakistan and the U.S. does not have permission to pursue taliban\al qaeda across the border. It bothers me that Pakistan is not being more proactive in this regard. Bush's legacy will be in the success or failure in Iraq and not some mountain cave on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.


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