Inaugural Speech

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The Duke:
I approve of the words, but I'm not sure how sincere Bush is when you examine his policies.  I also wish he'd have been more specific in certain parts.  One was left with the feeling that he wanted to achieve this in his second term, but I'm pretty sure he just means that we should reshape the values our policies are based on (replacing narrow national interest with principles we think are important).

Silent Hunter:
I've already made some comments on it but I'll just say again:
I was wondering how many times Bush would mention 'freedom'.

He'd better publically criticise the Uzbeks.

Hypocritical, arrogant, deceptive.  It was a truly repulsive speech. 

Freedom outscored Liberty in the speech.  Someone should buy George a thesarus for his birthday.

When Bush talks about spreading freedom I have to cringe.  His methods are questionable and I'm not an "ends justify the means" person.

Bleeding heart conservative, HTMLdon:
It was absolutely beautiful.   It underscored the reasons why I so strongly support President Bush, despite reservations on a few issues.   It brought back the image of America as a lighthouse on the hill that uses its influence and power around the world to help those in desperate need of liberty.


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