Cheney resigns citing health problems in 2006... Frist appointed VP

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Ive heard this conspiracy theory on a couple different boards.  It doesnt seem to far fetched to me.  Think its a possibility?  Would it help Frist and the GOP or hurt them?

If we run Bill First, we lose.

a little bump, but not that much.  Especially if Bush's second term goes bad, it won't be enough.

I can see how it could be good.  The War in Iraq does a 180 for the better.  Privitization of SS gets through the Senate and majority of Americans agree with the terms.  Economy turns around.  Unemployement decreases.  Whoa thats alot of what ifs.

The economy already turned around, unemployment is already at a record low, and we already know that 68% of Americans support partial privatization of Social Security. The one big what-if is Iraq.


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