is it fair Iraqis only have to pay a few cents for gas and we pay much more?

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Christian mosh pit go mosh:
We have to pay for the war with out tax dollars, even us who opposed it, now why do we have to pay for their damn gas and universal health care that we don't have? Maybe our government should actually do what it's for: look out for Americans. Nothing should be set up in Iraq until it is here.

No, it's not fair, but we are a lot richer than Iraqis, so according to the socialist philosophy, it would be.

Christian mosh pit go mosh:
This isn't really socialist philosophy, it's leeching. The Iraqis are also getting free health care off our tax dollars. I want free health care for those who pay into it, so use our tax dollars to do it here.

Iraq is a leech, and it didn't have to be. We're pouring money down that sinkhold for no reason. It's time to pull all troops out (no more Americans being killed there every day) and cut all funds.

It is not fair, but it is right.

This is not like living in Hawaii and complaining about higher gas prices, after all. The Iraqis can't really afford much, and to get people started restoring the culture and technology, we need that kind of thing.

Socialism is always about leeching. If everyone is forced to pay into a system, and someone pays in a lot more, and they all get the same service, that's leeching.


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