Should South Jersey split from North Jersey?

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North Jersey is a malicious empire of crime, overburdened industry, and upper-class rejected New Yorkers who dominate my state with their money and political power. Bandits from Newark ride through Camden city burning down buildings. Because of this, we down south in the Philadelphia suburbs are being oppressed and our separate lifestyle is not fairly represented.

I propose that North Jersey is pushed into the Atlantic Ocean and given to New York. South Jersey will become its own state, and the capital will be Mount Holly.

Also, Delaware is renamed "Philip"


Poll question 2: Is this post a joke?

Maybe, because it's the closest to no.

Keystone Phil:
I believe this was seriously considered at one time.

Are you kidding?

I don't really want the state to split, though it annoys me that the northerners have all the power. Also, I would not be opposed to joining Pennsylvania, but that won't happen.

Keystone Phil:
Quote from: Cashcow on January 03, 2005, 11:21:11 PM

Are you kidding?

Am I kidding that this was once considered? No, I am not. If memory serves me right, I think this was once brought up and debated. North and South Jersey residents (as you know) are total opposites. There are many problems between the north and south parts of the state. I guess there was a point where enough was enough and someone suggested this.


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