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Geoffrey Howe:
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If it's not too much trouble, would it be possible to do a 1924-1928 swing or trend map?

If I had saved the data then I could have. 😕

I can do that eventually but right now I'm trying to just get all of the presidential elections done, at least until the Eighties. After that I can tackle some swing stuff.
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6 months and two posts. Still say it needs to be unstickied, no matter how good of a map maker Dallas fan was (emphasis 'was').

Not to wax my own car, but I'd contend that it's still better material than "Describe a Clinton 92/Dole 96/Gore 00 voter?" or "Describe a Goldwater-Obama voter." Unless that's the content you think should be on the first page of this board.

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With RI included :)

Makes me wonder if Hartland Town, CT has always voted Republican. Also, how come so many towns voted for Goldwater in New Hampshire?!

A lot of those towns are in Carroll County, which was simply rock-ribbed Republican. Nixon got nearly 80% of the vote here in 1960... also I'm almost positive I added Vermont to this map at some point.

Do you have any idea for why this was about Carroll County?
I had a topic about it here: https://talkelections.org/FORUM/index.php?topic=432425.0

Lazy answer (on the bike atm), but it started becoming home to a lot of ski resorts and those places started voting Mega D in the 90s.

I get that for the northern bit, but what about the southern bit? It's still R and was by absurd margins back then; for example, in 1964 some northern towns went for Johnson, but Goldwater did very well in the south - see Tuftonboro.

OK, I've got some time on my hands and can give a little more exposition on this.


The county is politically divided between the more conservative southern half, home to several seasonal communities along the north shore of Lake Winnipesaukee including Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro, and the more liberal northern half, with several ski towns and resort towns such as Bartlett and Conway. In both the 2012 Presidential and gubernatorial elections in New Hampshire, Democratic candidates easily won the northern half of the county, and Republican candidates easily won the southern half of the county.


Let's look at Bartlett real quick.

1976: Gerald Ford, 67.66%
1980: Ronald Reagan, 62.87%
1984: Ronald Reagan, 69.02%
1988: George HW Bush, 65.82%
1992: Bill Clinton, 37.13%
1996: Bill Clinton, 47.76%
2000: Al Gore, 48.98%
2004: John Kerry, 56.12%

As forementioned, seems like your typical ski place: started voting D in the 90's and never looked back. Hope that helps.

That's excellent, thank you. Do you have any data for Tuftonboro or the like?

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Can anyone do a New England town map of Obama-Clinton, Obama-Trump, Romney-Clinton, Romney-Trump?

I only did Massachusetts, but I made a map of this type a few days ago for 2012-2020 voting patterns by municipality.

I made this 2000-2016 elections swing map of Massachusetts last year, but it seems I never posted it anywhere on the forum. I picked 2000 and 2016 as elections to compare since the Democratic margin of victory in both was nearly identical (Hillary Clinton did 0.1% worse margin-wise than Al Gore), but the coalitions in each are pretty different. The most pronounced Democratic swings were in wealthy Boston suburbs and rural western MA towns with lots of Nader 2000 voters. The strongest Republican swings were in blue collar and rural/exurban areas.

Largest Democratic swing: Dover, swung 41% left (R+17 to D+26
Largest Republican swing: Acushnet, swung 53% right (D+46 to R+7)


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