Is this every federal law?

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Is every federal law in the United States Code?

True Federalist (진정한 연방 주의자):

If you want every Federal Law, you have to go to the United States Statutes at Large.  However,  those laws that act on a continuing basis of general interest are classified to the United States Code.  So budget bills, laws that tell the executive to name some federal building after someone, etc., don't get put in the code.

There is also the Code of Federal Regulations, the Harmonized Tarriff Schedule, and the Treaties and Other International Acts Series.

Thanks. :) But any Act of significance is generally going to be an amendment to the United States Code, correct?

True Federalist (진정한 연방 주의자):
Depends on the law.  Some portions of the Code are what are known as positive law and so amendments to those portions of the law are made by directly citing the relevant code. Others aren't so it gets more complicated for those because then the US Code only serves as an index into the real law and so to amend those would require amending the underlying Statute at Law, not the US Code directly.  Generally, the amending law tries to be helpful and assign a suggested position in the US Code in such cases, but it isn't an absolute requirement.

So is statute amended or is new statute added?


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