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This is the place for discussion of music, reviews of albums/EPs/singles, top album/EP/single/whatever lists, concert discussions, current events... everything except for polls and the song you're listening to right now, for which we already have a thread :P I will write up my first review soon.

First off, it might be good if we discussed our music tastes in general.

I first got into music by listening to punk, believe it or not... old Sex Pistols, Ramones, X-Ray Spex etc. songs. From there my tastes panned outwards to include New Wave and other 80s music as well as classic and progressive rock later on when I started listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. I also went through a godawful phase of liking musichall. I know. Not good :P

Anyway, my current tastes are largely based on my own explorations rather than being based on my parents. My favourite genres of music are jazz, early indie, industrial, folk, grunge, art rock etc. Jazz especially is one of my recent acquisitions - both my parents hate it. In fact, all my relatives are either indifferent or hate it. My stepmum is the only exception to that. But I listened to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and have been hooked ever since.

By indie, I mean the Smiths, the Stone Roses, Neutral Milk Hotel, Verve, Pulp, Oasis... all older bands. I cannot be doing with Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend etc. :P

My dislikes are country, metal, pop, gangsta rap and a lot of dance music (That said, I love bands such as Orbital and Leftfield)

Associate Justice PiT:
     I used to be completely ignorant about music. I listened to virtually nothing that wasn't in a video game & could not begin to describe the differences between Abba & Black Sabbath. I really started getting into music when I was 16.

     I was turned onto rock & folk by my mother, who was a big fan of the Rolling Stones & Bob Dylan back in the day. I learned about jazz from playing in my school's band class, which was instructed by a free jazz enthusiast. I began listening to country because my ex-girlfriend is a huge devotee of it. As for metal, I decided one day that I wanted to listen to something post-1975 & came across Metallica. I am also starting to get into classical now, particularly Wagner.

     I do not have any genuine dislikes (besides Brokencyde), though I do admit to shy away from pretension in music. With that said, I don't really care about pretension if I find the music to be enjoyable enough.

Countess Anya of the North Parish:
Well I love love love country. I listen to it so much the when me and my mom go to a resturaunt and I order they ask am I visiting from the south. :P I love old fashioned songs like "end of the world" by Skeeter Davis or "Rose Garden" by Lynne Anderson the everly brothers etc. Then there is the newer country. Chris young, "game on", " Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"  and "Ladies love country boys"trace Atkins,"If you are going through hell" and "watching you and farmer daughter" Rodney Adkins. Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood etc. Most of the greatest country songs are so morally bad. I of course can go on and on with country but I shall halt.

Then we hit Mo Town. The Shirelles, the Crystals and the four tops.  "Will you love me tomorrow", "Then he kissed me", and Lesley Gore. She is something. "It's my party" and the follow up song, "Its Judy's turn to cry" and a song with a tad of a movement going on, "You don't own me". And don't forget  "Be my baby" by the Ronettes.

And I adore Edith Piaf. I like "Milord" and "Non, je Ne Regrette Rien" There is also Charles Aznavour. I actually acquired him through my mom. "La Boheme" and "Emmenez-Moi" are my favorite.

Then there is anything in between. I really love any kind of song as long as it is not a) boring and it over 5 min generally. If it is over 5min I have to be doing something. B) it can not, CAN NOT be metal.

I will not be your victim, I will not bathe in your flames:
This thread needs some Dudefest:

My musical tastes consist of punk, indie and hardcore (and emo but that's kind of redundant since all emo falls into at least one of the three preceding categories.)


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