Historical political party platforms, 1840-2008

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All Along The Watchtower:

Interesting for political geeks to geek out on. :)

Lief 🐋:
Nice! Donald Bruce Johnson and Kirk H. Porter edited a collection of national party platforms called "National Party Platforms, 1840-1972" which included most of the political parties that ran each year, though obviously it only goes up to 1972, which is also a good source for this kind of stuff.

Thanks. Very interesting. :)

True Federalist (진정한 연방 주의자):
It's a interesting historical link that is relevant enough to this forum that I've decided to sticky this thread until we've got enough sticky topics to make having a summary topic containing such links useful.

George Wallace's economic platform is actually pretty interesting given his reputation and the legacy his campaign left on American politics.


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