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Author Topic: All about yourself!  (Read 832577 times)
Concerned Citizen
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United States

« on: November 07, 2019, 10:10:31 am »

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: White
Ancestry: Italian, Puerto Rican, French, Swiss-German, Jewish
Sexual orientation: Gay
Religion: Christian
Language: English, Spanish, French
Current location: NW Indiana (AKA "Da Region")
College major: Business administration/pre-law with a minor in political science
Occupation: Attorney
Favorite politicians: Meh, don't really have a favorite per se
Favorite president: Silent Cal
Political orientation: Libertarian with centrist and some liberal leanings.  I'm essentially a capitalist, pro-gun, pro-life, social justice-leaning, foreign policy restraint weirdo.
Favorite shows: Freaks and Geeks, South Park, House of Cards, Grace and Frankie, Breaking Bad
Favorite movie: This vacillates quite a bit...right now I'm feeling a lot of love for The Godfather Part II
Favorite video games: The old school N-64 games.
Favorite books: Mere Christianity, Capitalism and Freedom, Against Democracy, On Being a Theologian of the Cross, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Favorite sports teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, New Orleans Saints
Favorite cuisine: Tie among Chinese, Mexican, and Italian
What year did you join Atlas? 2015 but lurked for a year before that.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 5,060
United States

« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2020, 10:05:22 am »


Age: 30
Birthday: July 11, 1989
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Gay
Race: White
Ethnicity: Italian, Puerto Rican, French, Swiss, German, English, and Jewish
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Favorite color: Blue
Relationship status: Single, might have met someone though.  We'll see how it works after the COVID drama is over.
Handedness: Right
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Religion: Christian.  ELCA Lutheran to be specific
Location: Northwest Indiana
Where was I born: Northwest Indiana
House District: Indiana's 1st
Siblings: A sister who's 45 years old
Favorite movies: Comedies, gangster movies, action movies
Favorite TV shows: South Park and Grace and Frankie at the moment.  Might finally start watching Schitt's Creek.
Favorite podcasts/radio shows: Never really got into them.  I've occasionally listened to the podcasts on 1517, and the occasional Pod Save America episode.
Favorite bands: Outkast, The Who, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Styx
Favorite sports team: Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, Saints
Favorite food: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, cheeses, fried chicken, biscuits, arroz con gandules
Occupation: Attorney
Party: Independent
Favorite city: Chicago, DC, Columbus, Tampa, Minneapolis
Favorite president: Jefferson, Lincoln, Coolidge, Eisenhower
Most underrated president: None
Favorite politicians: Justin Amash, Jared Polis, Pete Buttigieg, Stephanie Murphy
Other interests: books, writing, history, religion/theology, business
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