Re: Colorado


A thought:

Colorado had 8% of its popular vote go toward third party candidates in 2000.

If the third parties total to >11.1%, that is at least a ninth of the popular vote.

What would happen to Colorado's 9 electoral votes?

What a STUPID idea...



If they do not pass the proposal on the ballot right now, whomever wins the state takes it all.  If they do pass it, they will probably do what Maine does, and go by districts.  Whomever wins the district, wins the vote.  Whomever wins the most of the seven districts wins the two remaining votes.

I doubt a third party will win any of the districts, but it would be nice to see.

It would depend on the mix of third party candidates getting 11.1%.     

Basically, Ralph Nader would need to get 5.6% of the vote, minimum in order to get an electoral vote from Colorado under the proposal.

Of course, this proposal has an essentially *zero* chance of passing, so its not really worth worrying about.



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