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Results: The results are now calculated by the total number of voters for multi-option polls. This may lead to some results where multiple options appear to have 50% or more, and the total value of the percentages is greater than 100%. Results for multi-option polls used to be calculated by the total number of options selected, meaning that even though a single vote could have selected multiple options, each option selected was treated as a unique vote. Calculating results based on the total # of voters gives a better representation of which options were selected by users, and is superior to the previous default way of calculating results.You may still view multi-option poll results this way by clicking the "Calculate results by number of options selected" link on the bottom right of the poll results table. You may revert back to the original results by clicking the same link again, which has now changed after the first click.

View partisan results: This option brings up a popup that shows the user the partisan breakdown of the poll's voters. Please note that these figures are based on the avatars the user currently has. So if a user votes in this poll as a Republican and months or years later changes their partisan avatars, the partisan results for this poll will change as well.

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